Triumph Rocket 3 GT Spotted Undisguised for the First Time

Triumph Rocket 3 GT Spotted Undisguised for the First Time

Triumph Rocket 3 GT is the new talk of the town with its massive dimensions, exclusive shade selection and host of changes in comparison to the regular and TFC variant of the motorcycle. The list of differences between the TFC and GT variant starts with the compact backrest seen on the grand tourer. The accessory is mounted on a stand that also doubles as the grab rail for the pillion. The TFC variant's black components are now chrome on the GT while alloy wheels also bring a visual difference to the model. The visible detail also confirms the use of Brembo front braking system plus a similar front suspension to the TFC variant. The Rocket 3 GT features a three-tone paint scheme on the fuel tank with silver as the base and red/black for the highlights. [caption id="attachment_504327" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Triumph Rocket 3 GT Triumph Rocket 3 GT Spotted Undisguised for the First Time[/caption] The tail section of the Rocket 3 GT looks quite different as the TFC variant comes without any seat for the pillion. The independent tire hugger stays in action here but, the use of carbon fiber has been limited to the TFC limited production model. As far as the overall design profile is concerned, the majority of the space is taken by the engine itself, further having three thick exhaust pipes coming out from the right side of the motorcycle. The fuel tank is well-placed as gaps like the regular bikes between the engine and fuel tank was not possible for the Rocket 3 GT. The alloy wheels used here features 5x2 chrome spokes and a similar number of black spokes. [caption id="attachment_503528" align="aligncenter" width="770"]Triumph Rocket 3 TFC Triumph Rocket 3 TFC[/caption] The upcoming motorcycle will be powered by a 2500cc, three-cylinder engine producing 170 HP of maximum power and 221 Nm of maximum torque. The TFC variant is approximately 40kg lighter than the last-generation model while the Rocket 3 GT may not be as light as the top-spec variant due to the lack of carbon-fiber parts. The headlights are LED-powered on both the 2019 variants. In the leaked image, behind the Triumph Rocket 3 GT, one can clearly see a watered down version with single tone paint, hinting that a base variant will also be available for the model. [caption id="attachment_503532" align="aligncenter" width="850"]New Triumph Rocket 3 TFC New Triumph Rocket 3 TFC Details & Price Revealed[/caption] Image Source

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What are the main differences between the Triumph Rocket 3 R and Triumph Rocket 3 GT?
2023-07-31 07:06:05 AM

The Triumph Rocket 3 R and Triumph Rocket 3 GT are two versions of the same model with some key differences. The Rocket 3 R is designed as a powerful roadster, highlighting raw performance and a sporty riding experience. On the other hand, the Rocket 3 GT is designed as a grand riding bike, prioritizing long-distance comfort and touring capabilities with features like a more relaxed riding position, adjustable footpegs, and a touring-oriented windscreen. Both models share the same powerful engine and premium features, but the GT is more focused on providing a comfortable and luxurious ride for long ridings.