Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor: The Compact SUV Revolution

Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor: The Compact SUV Revolution

Toyota has recently introduced the Urban Cruiser Taisor to the Indian market, a compact SUV that has garnered attention for its distinctive design and features. Based on the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, the Taisor is a crossover that blends the robustness of an SUV with the agility of a sedan. Priced competitively, the Taisor is available in six different variants, with the starting price set at Rs. 7.74 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Urban Cruiser Taisor 

Detailed Exterior Highlights of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor:

  • Cross-Badged Vehicle: The Taisor is a result of the strategic collaboration between Toyota and Maruti Suzuki. This partnership allows both brands to share engineering costs and components, leading to enhanced sales opportunities. The Taisor closely resembles the Fronx in its overall shape, but Toyota has introduced subtle changes to give it a distinct identity.
  • New Front Design: Toyota has taken significant steps to ensure that the Taisor aligns with its brand aesthetics. The front grille has been redesigned, featuring sleek LED daytime running lights on either side and the iconic Toyota badge at the center, lending a modern and sophisticated look to the SUV.
  • Updated Alloy Wheels: The Taisor is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, similar to those found on the Fronx. However, Toyota has opted for a unique wheel design to enhance the vehicle's visual appeal and set it apart from its counterpart.
  • Redesigned Rear Section: At the back, the Taisor boasts a revamped taillamp assembly, connected by an LED light bar, a feature that has become increasingly popular in this vehicle segment. This design element adds a touch of elegance and distinctiveness to the SUV's rear profile.
  • Variety of Colour Options: Toyota offers the Taisor in an array of colour choices, including five monotone and three dual-tone exterior options. Among these, the signature "Lucent Orange" and "Gaming Grey" are available as monotone options, while "Cafe White," "Enticing Silver," and "Sportin Red" are offered in both monotone and dual-tone variations, providing buyers with the flexibility to choose a color that best suits their style.
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Urban Cruiser Taisor 

Engine and Gearbox Options for Enhanced Performance:

The Urban Cruiser Taisor comes with two engine options to cater to different driving preferences:

  • A 1.2-litre petrol engine that delivers 89 horsepower and 113 Nm of torque, offering a balance of power and efficiency.
  • A 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine that produces 99 horsepower and 148 Nm of torque, providing a more spirited driving experience.

Both engines are paired with a standard five-speed manual gearbox, ensuring smooth and responsive gear shifts. For those seeking added convenience, the turbo-petrol engine is available with an optional six-speed automatic transmission, while the 1.2-litre engine can be equipped with a five-speed AMT (automated manual transmission) for effortless driving. Additionally, the Taisor offers a factory-fitted CNG option, appealing to eco-conscious buyers looking for a cleaner alternative fuel option.

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Urban Cruiser Taisor 

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor stands out in the compact SUV segment with its distinctive design, versatile engine options, and a range of attractive features. It is a compelling choice for those seeking a stylish and practical vehicle that combines the best of both worlds – the ruggedness of an SUV and the comfort of a sedan.