Toyota Crown Signia Debuts in the USA – Replacing 4th Gen Harrier

Toyota Crown Signia Debuts in the USA – Replacing 4th Gen Harrier

The renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota, introduces the Toyota Crown Signia to the American market, marking the arrival of the SUV version of the Crown range. The Crown series, first unveiled in July 2022, spans various vehicle types, including an SUV, sedan, crossover, and an estate version. The Toyota Crown Signia, specifically designed for the USA, steps in as the replacement for the 4th generation Harrier, known as Venza in the American market.

Background and Evolution of the Crown Series

Traditionally, the Crown series has been synonymous with stately sedans, reflecting its unique logo and brand identity. However, the 16th generation brought about a radical departure from the traditional design, giving rise to a more avant-garde aesthetic. The Crown series expanded to include a sedan, crossover, SUV, and an estate version. The Toyota Crown Signia, making its debut in the USA, is essentially the estate version that was introduced the previous year.

Powertrain and Production

The Toyota Crown Signia shares its powertrains with the recently revealed 2025 Toyota Camry. The manufacturing of this vehicle will take place at the Tsutsumi plant in Aichi, Japan. As it steps onto the American automotive stage, the Toyota Crown Signia is poised to replace the 4th generation Harrier (Venza).

Design and Dimensions:

In terms of dimensions, the Toyota Crown Signia is an expansive vehicle, measuring 4930 mm in length, 1880 mm in width, 1620 mm in height, and boasting a substantial wheelbase of 2850 mm. The exterior design features a distinctive front fascia with a Hammerhead appeal, drawing similarities with the fully electric BZ Series available in China. The split headlights incorporate Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), surrounding a sleek air intake. The grille exhibits an intriguing pattern, and a silver strip accentuates the lower bumper. To reduce visual bulk, the Crown Signia integrates black body claddings throughout its design.

Exterior Highlights

  • Standard 19-inch alloy wheels add a stylish touch, while optional 21-inch units, especially in a black finish, provide a unique aesthetic.
  • A noteworthy change for the US-spec Crown Signia is the adoption of the Toyota logo over the traditional Crown logo.
  • The rear showcases connecting tail lights spanning the entire width, contributing to a distinct and contemporary look.

Interior Features

  • Inside the cabin, twin 12.3-inch touchscreens command attention, offering a sophisticated and user-friendly interface.
  • Premium features include a wireless charger, dual-zone climate control, wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a hands-free tailgate, an extensive airbag system, Toyota's Safety Sense Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) suite, luxurious leather upholstery, an 11-speaker JBL stereo system, ventilated front seats, heated seats for both front and rear occupants, a panoramic roof, digital Intelligent Rearview Mirror (IRVM), and more.

The introduction of the Toyota Crown Signia to the USA underscores Toyota's commitment to offering a diverse range of vehicles catering to various preferences and needs. With its blend of striking design elements, advanced features, and robust performance, the Crown Signia aims to make a lasting impression on the American automotive landscape.