Top 5 Highlights of Kinetic E-Luna

Top 5 Highlights of Kinetic E-Luna

Kinetic Green has revived the iconic Luna name but with a modern twist – the moped has been reintroduced as an electric vehicle (EV), now known as the E-Luna. Now let's explore the features and details of Kinetic Green's newest electric two-wheeler.


Inspired by its petrol-powered predecessor, the new Kinetic E-Luna retains the iconic petite and minimalistic design. It boasts a purposeful appearance featuring a storage space near the floorboard, a split-seat setup, and a single-piece headlight, reminiscent of the classic Luna design.


The E-Luna comes with a modest set of features that align with its utility-focused application. It includes a basic digital instrument cluster, lever lock, detachable rear seat, USB charging point, and bag locks. The practical goal of this minimalist approach is met and it also aids in keeping costs reasonable.

Top 5 Highlights of Kinetic E-Luna - back
Kinetic E-Luna Front 3-Quarter View

Motor and Battery

Powering the E-Luna is a 1.2kW motor paired with a 2kWh battery. With this configuration, a 100 km riding range and 50 kmph top speed are stated. With a four-hour charge time the E-Luna offers a performance and efficiency combination for urban transportation.


For a smooth ride over a variety of terrain, Kinetic outfitted the E-Luna with dual rear shocks and telescopic front forks. When stopping power is needed, the drum units on both ends of the brake system deliver consistent performance. The moped's spoke wheels are fitted with tires facing the road which offers traction and stability.

Top 5 Highlights of Kinetic E-Luna - snapshot
Kinetic E-Luna Front View

Price and Availability

Priced competitively at Rs. 69,990 (ex-showroom), the Kinetic E-Luna is available in a range of vibrant colors, including red, yellow, black, blue, and green. The E-Luna with its reasonable price and useful features, tries to meet the needs of city commuters looking for an economical and environmentally responsible mode of transportation.

Offering an iconic style and the advantages of electric mobility the Kinetic E-Luna is a unique blend of vintage and innovation. Due to the E-Luna's cost-effectiveness, practical features, and dependable performance the electric two-wheeler market is anticipated to be significantly impacted.