Meet Blue and White Yamaha SR 150 - Looks Fantabulous!

Meet Blue and White Yamaha SR 150 - Looks Fantabulous!

The Yamaha SR series is one of the Japanese automaker's most popular models. Because it is not a retro bike, the SR 150 does not receive the same attention as its larger siblings. It is only available in Taiwan, and not even in Japan. Twist.Co, a two-man custom shop in Taichung City, Taiwan created a custom Yamaha SR150 Scrambler. And the result is possibly one of Yamaha's most beautiful motorcycles ever.

Body panels from commuter vehicles are removed and replaced. The most visually appealing aspect of this build is the fuel tank. It is not sourced from other motorcycles, which would have made the job easier. It was handcrafted specifically for this build.

Instead of filing away the seam between the two panels of the fuel tank, it has been transformed into a stylish ridge. It also has an offset fuel filler cap and a stylish white, blue, and gold paint scheme. This is the only painted part, the rest of the body panels are buffed with exposed aluminium. Even the Triumph-inspired Yamaha logo is one-of-a-kind.

It gets a small round headlight that matches its vintage look. Handlebars are also made to order and look similar to those found on chopper bikes. You'll notice that it lacks ORVMs in a typical location, as well as bar-end mirrors. Because it is finished in chrome and has a single-round ORVM mounted on a yoke.

An analogue speedometer, round turn indicators, round taillights, a custom fender, and TwistCo badging on the custom leather seat are included. This custom scrambler is finished with telescopic front suspension forks and twin shock absorbers at the rear. It also receives larger spoked wheels, with 19" in front and 18" in back, which look far superior to the stock wheels.

The engine has been thoroughly cleaned and looks brand new. It also gets a new NIBBI racing-spec carburettor and a red-coloured choke switch, and a distinct rear subframe. The Yamaha SR 150 Scrambler is outfitted with Duro knobby tyres. The finished product bears no resemblance to a Taiwan-spec commuter SR150.

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2023-09-14 09:11:20 AM

To preserve the legacy of a Yamaha RX 100, owners should focus on regular maintenance, including proper two-stroke engine care, lubrication, and rust prevention. It's also advisable to consult with experienced mechanics familiar with vintage two-stroke motorcycles for upkeep.

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If your bike is in a very good condition then yes you can ride for as long as you can. But if it breaks down occasionally and has engine heating issues, then i suggest you keep it for basic city usage and go for a new bike just for touring purposes.