The Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 model has been discontinued

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 model has been discontinued

Royal Enfield says farewell to its iconic Himalayan 411 marking the end of an era for the company's first dedicated adventure motorcycle. The torch has been passed to the newly launched Himalayan 450, priced starting at Rs 2.69 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). While the Himalayan 450 introduces significant updates in features and capabilities it is essential to reflect on the remarkable journey of the Himalayan 411 and its impact on the adventure biking landscape in India.

The Legacy of the Himalayan 411

Association with the Himalayas

Royal Enfield has long been synonymous with the Himalayas, serving as the preferred choice for bikers embarking on the annual pilgrimage to Leh. This connection prompted the introduction of a dedicated adventure motorcycle tailored for the challenging terrains of the Himalayas in 2016—the Himalayan 411.

Innovations and Firsts

  1. Modern Powerplant:
    • The Himalayan 411 introduced Royal Enfield's first "modern" air-and-oil-cooled single-cylinder engine, featuring a counterbalancer for enhanced performance and smooth operation.
    • Despite its modest 24.3PS and 32Nm output, the motorcycle demonstrated the ability to cruise comfortably at 100kmph on highways.
  2. Adaptable Design:
    • Boasting long-travel suspension and generous ground clearance, the Himalayan 411 achieved a delicate balance with 220mm ground clearance while keeping the seat height at a low 800mm.
    • With 200mm and 180mm of wheel travel at the front and rear respectively, the motorcycle proved adept at handling rough roads, catering to riders of varying heights.
  3. Ongoing Refinements:
    • Despite facing initial challenges such as NVH issues and quality concerns, Royal Enfield continued to refine the Himalayan 411 over the years.
    • Its 2021 upgrade fixed issues and added useful features like the Tripper navigation pod and ergonomic improvements which makes it a popular option for first-time adventure riders.
  4. Value for Money:
    • The Himalayan 411, with its exceptional capabilities, maintained competitive pricing, with the latest iteration priced at Rs 2.16 lakh (ex-showroom), offering commendable value for money.

The Evolution: Himalayan 411 to Himalayan 450

Enhancements and Advancements

  1. Powerful Transformation:
    • The Himalayan 450 represents a significant leap forward, featuring Royal Enfield's inaugural liquid-cooled motor delivering an impressive 40PS and 40Nm.
  2. Improved Features and Design:
    • The Himalayan 450 introduces heightened ground clearance, extended suspension travel, and an advanced feature set, including a fully digital instrument cluster with navigation.
    • Priced just Rs 53,000 higher than its predecessor, the Himalayan 450 offers a comprehensive upgrade.
  3. Elevated Riding Experience:
    • Beyond specifications, the Himalayan 450 promises an elevated riding experience, building on the legacy of the Himalayan 411 and addressing previous limitations.

As the Himalayan 411 gracefully exits the stage, the Himalayan 450 steps in, promising to carry the mantle forward. Royal Enfield is a company that still embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery offering bikes to riders all across India that capture the raw beauty of the Himalayas.