Tesla Cybertruck Gets Even Cooler With These Accessories For Your Adventures

Tesla Cybertruck Gets Even Cooler With These Accessories For Your Adventures

With the release of the innovative Cybertruck in late 2019, Tesla took headlines all through the world for its innovative style and innovative electric technology. In the present day, Tesla is introducing the highly anticipated Cybertruck, which is ready for production, beginning in an era of fully electric pickup trucks.

It's natural that this adventure-focused vehicle has created a great deal of excitement. Tesla is aware of the many needs of its Cybertruck users, particularly those who have a strong desire to explore off-road and difficult terrain. In response, Tesla has put together a range of useful extensions that go well with the rugged nature of the Cybertruck. With these well-designed accessories, enthusiasts may now improve their driving experience as they eagerly receive their Cybertrucks. When it comes to arranging off-road adventures or establishing difficult terrain, Tesla's accessories are designed to enhance the Cybertruck's look as well as its performance.

Crossbars are one of the notable products; they offer a useful way to move equipment and gear. These optional extras highlight the Cybertruck's versatility while meeting the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who require vehicles with lots of versatility.

Light Bar

Tesla has added a sleek white light bar to the roof of its electric pickup truck, in addition to the full-LED light strip up front. Tesla offers to be able to give another dimension of visibility to your driving experience by illuminating up the road ahead for an amazing 525 yards (480 meters).


Are you taking your Tesla Cybertruck on any exciting adventures? A basecamp setup is the perfect outdoor gear. An air pump, awning, awning poles, and tent installation are all included in Tesla's basecamp kit. The best aspect? It can be inflated in a matter of minutes and is made to fit two adults comfortably. Camping thus becomes easy by the Cybertruck's basecamp, whether you're planning a quick weekend trip or a longer outdoor adventure. Prepare to go and easily set up camp so that your Tesla journey has some extra convenience.

Spare Wheel With Tool Kit

Having a spare wheel is a wise decision when off-roading in a Tesla Cybertruck, and Tesla has you covered. They provide an option for a toolkit-equipped covered spare wheel in the loading space. The Cybertruck has a 20-inch wheel with big all-terrain tires, a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), and a toolkit that includes basic tools including a jack, hex driver, and wheel cover removal tool. Having an extra wheel could be a wise decision, even though it would need some storage space, particularly for those off the grid trips where the last thing you want to worry about is a flat tire.

Range Extender

The pioneer of electric vehicles has an answer to those who wish their Tesla Cybertruck to get even more mileage. Apart from its stated 550 km of range, Tesla offers a range extender device as an add-on. With this accessory, the pickup's stated range is increased to more than 750 kilometers thanks to a toolbox-sized battery pack placed in the bed. It's a sensible option for travellers looking for increased endurance because it gives you the courage to go above and beyond. Because of Tesla's constant commitment to innovation, owners of Cybertrucks have the freedom to customise their driving experience to suit their demands on longer trips.

Body Wrap

With the Tesla Cybertruck body wrap option, the accessory lineup takes an unexpected turn. Since the body of the device is a consistent shade of stainless steel, Tesla offers a protective film that self-heals using urethane. This body wrap is especially useful for off-road trips because it protects the pickup from knocks and scratches. With two options—Satin Black and Satin White—Tesla gives Cybertruck customers the ability to personalize the design of their vehicle and ensure that it maintains its sleek appearance even after navigating challenging terrain. It's a thoughtful addition for people who wish to travel with power and style in their Cybertruck.

Tailgate Ramp

The all-terrain, four-wheeled Tesla Cyberquad was a thrilling companion when the company first presented the Cybertruck. The best part? It can be transported in the payload bay of the Cybertruck. Tesla comes with a 3-fold tailgate ramp to make loading your off-roading buddy—or any other equipment, for that matter—easy. Not only is this ramp useful for the Cyberquad, but it can also support additional gear up to 350 kg in weight. With Tesla's attentive addition, you can be sure that your off-road experiences with the Cybertruck will focus as much on the journey as the destination.

Crossbars Roof-rack

Two roof-mounted crossbars are useful for preparing your Tesla Cybertruck for off-road trips. These bars aren't just for show; they can easily transport off-road essentials like bikes and gear because they can support up to 100 kg of goods.

However, the journey doesn't end there. A variety of accessible accessories are available from Tesla to improve your experience in general. Convenience is the top concern with these updates, which include floor mats, a glass roof sunshade, cabin storage organisers, and hooks and bins for effective storage in the rear cargo area. Regardless of your choice for off-road excitement or daily utility, Tesla makes sure the Cybertruck has everything you need to fulfil your needs both on and off the usual route.


1. Ramp at the tailgate for off-road toys

  • For simpler loading of off-road vehicles, such as the Tesla Cyberquad, a by threefold tailgate ramp was built.

2. Crossbars Mounted on Roof

  • Bicycles and other adventure gear fit perfectly on the two crossbars on the roof, which can support up to 100 kg of equipment.

3. Accessory Items for Organization and Storage

  • Bins and hooks to make storage in the back payload space more effective.
  • For increased convenience, place floor mats.
  • Organizers for storing things in the cabin to maintain order.

4. Adaptable Outside Accessory

  • Satin Black and Satin White body wrap choices are available for protection and personalization.
  • A tool kit and a covered spare wheel are located in the payload bay.
  • Range extension connector with a mentioned range of more than 750 kilometers.

5. Entire Convenience Qualities

  • Glass sunshade on the roof for more comfort.

Recently, Tesla showcased its whole lineup and variety of electric powertrain options, showing not only the cars but also fascinating aspects about their design and functionality. As the world waits in expectation, there is still no indication that Tesla will be visiting India. We've looked into when this exciting possibility might become a reality for people who are excited to see Tesla arrive on Indian roads. Keep coming back for information about Tesla's possible arrival in the Indian market.