Tesla CyberTruck Bags 2,00,000 Reservations in Just 4 Days!

Tesla CyberTruck Bags 2,00,000 Reservations in Just 4 Days!

The American automotive and energy company - Tesla Inc recently unveiled the brand's first electric pickup truck. The electric truck was introduced at an event in Los Angeles, Calfornia by the name Tesla CyberTruck. It will be coming in three versions as notified by the brand which includes Single-Motor RWD (250 miles), Dual-Motor AWD (300 miles), and Tri-Motor AWD (500 miles). Although it is interesting to note the brand has already started the pre-bookings of the electric truck at the portal tesla.com/cybertruck, and as per the latest buzz, Tesla has managed to register around 2,00,000 reservations for the CyberTruck in just 4 days. The pickup truck gets a starting price tag of $39,900 (INR 28.64 lakh) and will be rolled out of the assembly line by the end of 2021. For the first version of the truck, which is the Single-Motor RWD (250 miles), the towing capacity stands at 7,500 pounds while it can sprint from 0-97kmph in under 6.5 seconds. In the Dual-Motor AWD (300 miles) variant, the towing capacity is 10,000 pounds, and it can perform the 0-97kmph sprint in under 4.5 seconds. Finally, there is a Tri-Motor AWD (500 miles) model, which has 14,000 pounds towing capacity and can sprint from 0-97kmph in under 2.9 seconds. It is also worth noting that the production of the top-spec version will not start until late 2022. Here is the variant-wise price list of the Tesla CyberTruck:
  • Single-Motor RWD - $39,900 (INR 28.64 lakh)
  • Dual-Motor RWD - $49,900 (INR 35.42 lakh)
  • Tri-Motor RWD - $59,900 (INR 43.00 lakh)
The Vice President of data and analytics consulting at JD Power, Tyson Jominy said at the launch event - "Pickup truck buyers spend a lot on their trucks, A $50,000 pickup truck is a very common occurrence now. People are willing to spend on this segment to haul their toys, to support a lifestyle.” However, the future will tell how the plan will work out for the brand with the release of the CyberTruck in the market where it already has a significant position.

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