Tesla Cyberquad ATV Officially Launched for $1900 (Rs 1.44 Lakh)

Tesla Cyberquad ATV Officially Launched for $1900 (Rs 1.44 Lakh)

Tesla recently debuted a new kid's version of the Cybertruck named Cyberquad. This is an all-electric, four-wheel ATV for children and was available for sale on Tesla’s official website, but it sold out in quite a short span of time and is now displayed as an "Out of Stock" product. This new introduction could be a surprise for the audience, but the brand has already showcased this mini ATV during the premiere of the Cybertruck, which was bigger in size though. 

The Cyberquad is modelled after a children's toy car and a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle. Built on a steel frame, this mini ATV comes with cushioned seats and adjustable suspension for an enhanced riding experience. Adding to its sophistication is rear disc braking and LED light bars. As cited on Tesla’s official website, the Cyberquad was created for kids aged 8 and above. This vehicle is produced in collaboration with Radio Flyer, which makes Model S and Model Y Ride-Ons for children. 

The mini Cybertruck takes power from the lithium-ion battery which offers up to 24 km of range and a top speed of 16 kmph. It is also worth noting that the top speed is settable which means that parents can adjust the top speed according to their preference. However, there are three settings of speed that are offered by default which are 8 kmph, 16 kmph, and 8 kmph in reverse. 

As per the brand, the Cyberquad takes up to 5 hours to fully charge and the range depends on the user’s weight and riding style. While the vehicle is elegant in looks and features, the price can feel bitter to the customers as it is offered at a price of $1900, which is equivalent to about 1.44 lakh rupees. The enormous price tag, however, promises that the mini ATV is a premium offering rather than an average play-toy for the kids.