Tata unveils new sub-brand TAMO, Futuro Sportscar Unveil on March 7

Tata unveils new sub-brand TAMO, Futuro Sportscar Unveil on March 7

Tata unveils new sub-brand TAMO, Futuro Sportscar Unveil on March 7 Tata Motors teased the first ever product that would be retailed under its sub-brand TAMO, which in turn is the short form of the company name. They call it the new center of innovation for future products and the design of the product being teased in nothing less than a modern day supercar. They will go for new strategies, partnerships and business models for the new product, tagging the same as 'FutuReady'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7OuD380lRw

Tata unveils new sub-brand TAMO

87th Geneva International Motor Show will be the first stage for the new product, leaving Tata fans surprised till March 7, 2017. The mid engined, two seat sports car is internally known by the name Futuro and would be seen in the concept form at the show. The car will definitely be the best thing available at its price tag, which is hinted at INR 25 lakh. It would be a low volume product and Tata may make just 250 units annually. If DC Design can bring Avanti with the least experience in production cars segment, Tata Motors can be expected with something that is par with the quality and performance of the Indian affordable sports car segment. The car will be on sale from mid 2018 and would be a different kind of product. It will simply get 1.2 liter engine that could be turbocharged and produce 180 HP of peal power on the charts.


TAMO Futuro Sportscar Unveil on March 7

The performance is not actually that good but the target weight of just 800 kg could make it a fun car to drive. You can simply expect the car to weigh less than Tiago and get more power than an Audi A4 petrol. The power to weight ratio of the car would be actually impressive. If everything goes in the way as expected, we can expect Tata Motors to build a personal Porsche 718 under their name and help Indians get value for money performance.


*The first product developed by TAMO will premiere at the upcoming 87th Geneva International Motor Show on March 7, 2017.

Speaking on the announcement, Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO, Tata Motors, said, “The success of our transformation journey ‘FutuReady’ is measured by our vision and depends on our ability to deliver on our comprehensive strategies for our business units. Our game plan addresses six themes – topline improvement, cost management, structural improvements, customer centricity, new mobility solutions and organizational effectiveness. To secure our future in a rapidly changing environment, the advanced mobility solutions space is of utmost importance. The introduction of TAMO will help us to co-design India’s automotive footprint by taking new technologies and mobility concepts as a new ecosystem to market.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NvAFD_vf7w Speaking on its well-defined PV Strategy, Mayank Pareek, President, PV Business, Tata Motors, said, “In line with our new PV strategy, our portfolio will include a mix of brand enhancing products and ones that are well aligned to the rising aspirations of the different target customer segments. Our strategy is to deliver 7-8 product variants from two platforms, for greater coverage and sizable economies of scale. Our new architectural approach supports our effort to reduce complexity, enables future technologies and ensures global relevance. We have mapped technology solutions in key areas such as powertrain systems, ADAS and enhanced connectivity to our future product portfolio and have defined the application framework. Our goal is not to just comply with the emerging regulations but be ahead of the requirement.” Speaking on tapping innovative mindset globally, Dr. Tim Leverton, President and Head Advanced and Product Engineering, Tata Motors, said, “With TAMO, we are starting a new era. The idea is to find new and agile ways of innovating and experimenting. Our success in this new mobility world will be contingent to our ability to network globally and to partner with new thought leaders. Our focus will be to scout for new technologies and to explore opportunities at the innovation hubs across the globe and to work with start-ups in the new spaces. Since this requires a different way of thinking, we will apply within TAMO also, new ways of working because leadership is all about time to market.” Official Website: https://www.tamo.co.in/