Tata Tiago EV Offers Massive Discounts of up to Rs. 80,000!

Tata Tiago EV Offers Massive Discounts of up to Rs. 80,000!

Tata Motors has recently introduced compelling discounts on their electric vehicles, particularly on the popular Tiago EV model, presenting an excellent opportunity for individuals contemplating a switch to eco-friendly driving.

Tiago EV Discounts Overview

Dealerships across the country are currently offering enticing discounts on both the unsold stocks of the MY2023 Tiago EV and the recently introduced MY2024 units. The specific discount amounts can vary based on the dealership's existing inventory. These discounts encompass a range of benefits, including cash savings, exchange bonuses, and a special 'green bonus' - an added incentive for customers opting for electric vehicles.

Tata Tiago EV Offers Massive Discounts of up to Rs. 80,000! - background
Tiago EV

Savings Breakdown for Tiago EV Models

For the MY2024 Tiago EV model, customers stand to enjoy a substantial discount of up to Rs 35,000. This comprehensive discount includes an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000 and a green bonus of Rs 20,000, applicable across all variants. Interestingly, for older Tiago EV models, the potential savings are even more significant, with a total discount of up to Rs 80,000. This comprises an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000 and a green bonus of up to Rs 65,000.

Battery Options for Tiago EV

Diving into the technical aspects, the Tiago EV is available with two distinct battery options - the Medium Range and Long Range variants. The mid-range option boasts an impressive 250km range on the MIDC cycle, utilizing a 19.2kWh battery that powers a front-axle-mounted electric motor producing 61hp and 110Nm of torque. On the other hand, the long-range variant features a larger 24kWh battery, providing an extended 315km range on the MIDC cycle, with an output of 74hp and 114Nm. This versatility caters to a diverse range of driving preferences and distances.

Tigor EV Discounts Overview

Customers exploring the Tigor EV can take advantage of a substantial discount of up to Rs 1.05 lakh. This comprehensive offer includes a flat cash discount of Rs 75,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000, applicable across all variants. It's important to note that these discounts are only valid until the end of the current month and are specifically applicable to MY2023 and older models.

Tigor EV Features and Pricing

Delving into the features and specifications, the Tigor EV stands out with an ARAI-claimed range of 315km, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a compact sedan with electric capabilities. Positioned in the price range of Rs 12.49 lakh to Rs 13.75 lakh, the Tigor EV is equipped with a robust 26kWh lithium-ion battery, powering a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor that delivers a commendable 75hp and 170Nm of torque.

Tata Motors is presenting an attractive proposition for environmentally conscious drivers with these substantial discounts on both the Tiago EV and Tigor EV. If you're considering a shift to electric vehicles, these deals are undoubtedly worth exploring. Act swiftly to take advantage of these limited-time offers and embark on a greener and more sustainable driving experience.