5 Must-Know Facts About the Upcoming Tata Harrier SUV

5 Must-Know Facts About the Upcoming Tata Harrier SUV

Tata Harrier SUV has changed the way India adores the premium yet compact five-seat sport utility vehicles. All thanks to its revolutionary design lines and strong front stance, fans now have a lot more expectations from the Indian brand than before. Harrier is now completely revealed and production version shows how Tata paid attention to detail at all levels. The launch will surely bring sweat to the potential rival, Hyundai Creta and Jeep Compass. Here are five interesting facts about the upcoming Tata Harrier SUV.

5 Facts About Tata Harrier SUV

# Design

Sleek headlights, angry facial expressions, high bonnet, and sporty bumper define Harrier’s arrival. For those who thought Nexon feels like a smiling car, Harrier is an evolved version with bigger dimensions, mature expressions, bigger wheel arches, and Land Rover inspired rear end. The roof profile is similar to Nexon, and why not keep it similar, if they know it was the best part of the currently successful product. Hyundai Creta has evolved into a mean machine through its huge front grill and faux bash plates, giving Tata Harrier some serious competition points.

# Engine

A majority of buyers prefer diesel power in this segment and Tata will take things to the next level. It will leave the Nexon engine for a more powerful 2.0L Fiat sourced diesel unit. The engine is tuned to produce 140HP of maximum power. A report also claims that Tata is also working on a 170HP version, which will be exclusive for the seven-seat version of Harrier. Initially, Tata will only launch the 5-seat 140HP version in India. The 7-seat 170HP model will be launched at a later stage in future. Harrier was expected to get a 9-speed automatic gearbox but as per the latest details available, the SUV will come equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and Tata Motors will source it from Hyundai. Tata Harrier will also be available with an option of a 6-speed manual gearbox.

# Price

As Tata Motors plans to use the most premium available components, the placement of Harrier is still a question. Being a turbocharged diesel car, Tata will try placing the two-wheel drive variant with basic features under INR 14 lakh. The model with a 4×4 drive-train and automatic gearbox may cross INR 18 lakh mark. Nexon carries a bunch of class-leading features and still, the tag stays under the pricing of Ford EcoSport. [caption id="attachment_263496" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Tata Harrier Interior (Photos Source: GaadiWaadi)[/caption]

# Interior

Some spy shots have already revealed the interior of manual Harrier variant but, when it comes to the top model, the addition of components stays a secret. The typical variant showed a center console with nicely placed knobs and buttons. The top variant is expected to feature a bigger screen and touch control AC buttons. The 4×4 variant is expected to use a Land Rover style dial for drive mode selection.

# Features

Tata Harrier will use a Land Rover L550 inspired Omega platform. This makes it good for independent suspension and impressive 2741mm of wheelbase. Reports also claim that Harrier will weigh under 1650 kg and bring impressive levels of quality for its class. The car features LED lights, large touchscreen infotainment system, 4×4, 9-speed automatic gearbox, terrain selection, and driving modes. The top spec model is also expected to feature 6-airbags, hill descent control, and 18-inch alloy wheels.