Tata Curvv vs Citroen Basalt: Design Comparison

Tata Curvv vs Citroen Basalt: Design Comparison

Following the successful launches of the C3 Hatchback and C3 Aircross SUV, Citroen is gearing up to introduce its third vehicle as part of the C-Cubed strategy for India. Recently, the company unveiled the Basalt Vision Coupe SUV which will serve as the basis for Citroen's third vehicle built on the CMP platform. But how does it compare to the Tata Curvv?

Design Comparison: Citroen Basalt Vs Tata Curvv

While Citroen's first vehicle in the C-Cubed strategy was a hatchback with crossover design elements, the second vehicle was marketed as an SUV. Now, with the introduction of the Basalt Vision, Citroen ventures into the realm of coupe-style SUVs with a sleek sloping roofline. Interestingly, this mirrors Tata Motors' aim with the Curvv.

Tata Curvv vs Citroen Basalt: Design Comparison - top
Tata Curvv Front View vs Citroen Basalt Front View

Citroen is expected to closely align the production version of the Coupe SUV with the Basalt Vision concept revealed recently. This is promising as the Basalt Vision showcased an appealing design. However, it is worth noting that the Tata Curvv holds its ground in terms of design, style, sophistication, and overall presence.

The Basalt inherits much of its front fascia from the C3 Aircross, with a few distinct styling elements on the lower bumper. In contrast, the Curvv draws inspiration from the updated Harrier and Safari SUVs maintaining a familiar family DNA. While the Basalt features a quad LED DRL signature, the Curvv opts for a connected three-piece LED DRL signature.

Tata Curvv vs Citroen Basalt: Design Comparison - top
Tata Curvv Rear 3-Quarter View vs Citroen Basalt Rear 3-Quarter View

In terms of profile, both vehicles sport a similar coupe-sloping roofline design, although the Curvv stands out with its twin spoiler effect. The Basalt's shoulder line appears flatter compared to the Curvv's up-swept approach. Additionally, the Curvv features flush door handles, while the Basalt utilizes pull-up type door handles.

When it comes to wheel design, the Curvv offers a more soothing aesthetic while the Basalt boasts blackened wheels. Notably, Citroen incorporates a floating roof effect with black A-pillars, a feature absent in the Curvv. The Basalt also features a striking red design element at the C-pillar. At the rear, the Curvv sports connected LED tail lights, while the Basalt showcases wrap-around tail lights with LEDs. Both models feature body cladding throughout.

Interior Design

Despite the absence of a sunroof, which is a desired feature among Indian consumers, the Basalt lacks this feature altogether. After a closer look, it looks like the Basalt's body has more noticeable creases and character lines than the Curvv's, especially on the front and rear quarter panels.

Tata Curvv vs Citroen Basalt: Design Comparison - foreground
Tata Curvv Interior vs Citroen Basalt Interior

While official interiors for both the Citroen Basalt and Tata Curvv have not been revealed, it's expected that the Basalt will share many elements with the C3 Aircross, while the Curvv will draw inspiration from the Nexon. Further details regarding features and technology will be unveiled in the future with Tata likely to equip the Curvv with an array of advanced features to outshine the competition.