Tata Curvv EV and ICE Launch Dates Officially Revealed!

Tata Curvv EV and ICE Launch Dates Officially Revealed!

Tata Motors, a key player in the Indian automotive market, has revealed its strategic launch timeline for the highly anticipated Curvv SUV, encompassing both Electric Vehicle (EV) and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) iterations. The company aims to cater to diverse consumer preferences and strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

Curvv EV Debut (Q2 FY2025)

The electric variant of the Tata Curvv, known as Curvv EV, is slated to make its grand entrance in the second quarter of the financial year 2025. This places the much-awaited EV launch in the period from July to September 2024. With an increasing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions Tata Motors aims to capture the growing demand for electric vehicles in the Indian market.

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Tata Curvv EV and ICE

Curvv ICE to Follow (Within 3-4 Months)

In a strategic move, Tata Motors plans to roll out the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) version of the Curvv within three to four months after the introduction of the Curvv EV. This sequential launch approach allows Tata Motors to address the preferences of consumers who may lean towards traditional combustion engines while maintaining a focus on the rising electric vehicle trend.

Harrier EV Joins the Lineup

Expanding its electric vehicle portfolio, Tata Motors has also confirmed the introduction of the Harrier EV as the third model in the lineup. The Harrier EV is expected to complement the Curvv offerings providing consumers with additional choices in the electric SUV segment.

Curvv Showcased at Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

While the Curvv EV has been showcased in concept form on multiple occasions, the recent display of the production-ready Curvv ICE at the Bharat Mobility Expo 2024 marks a significant step toward the SUV's official market entry. The expo provided enthusiasts and industry experts with a closer look at the design, features and capabilities of the upcoming ICE variant.

Tata Motors strategic approach to the Curvv's launch reflects the company's commitment to offering a diverse range of vehicles, addressing the dynamic preferences of the Indian automotive market. The staged introduction of EV and ICE models along with the inclusion of the Harrier EV, positions Tata Motors to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility in India. As the automotive industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards electric and sustainable solutions Tata Motors is poised to be at the forefront of innovation and consumer-centric offerings.