TAMO Brand & Tata RaceMo Launch Plans Shelved

TAMO Brand & Tata RaceMo Launch Plans Shelved

Tata RaceMo, the finest automobile style since date by the Tata Motors was supposed to launch in the year 2018 in India. It made its Global debut at the 87th Geneva Motor show that plays host to some of most enticing concept models and supercars globally. TAMO is the short term for Tata Advanced Mobility and their first product was supposed to be RaceMo sports car integrated with stunning new features, advanced technology and radical designing. This ultra light sportscar was supposed to do 0-100 kmph in just 6 seconds. 02.19b35e35 A 2-seater, fully connected, sports coupe, born out of the innovative MoFlex platform using MMS structure technology, well, have officially being shelved by the Tata Motors production unit. The TAMO RaceMo was supposed to give a maximum power of 190 PS @ 6500 rpm with an utmost torque of 210 NM @ 2500 rpm. The engine was to use a 6-speed AMT unit with paddle shifters for transmitting power and a push button reverse was also the concept to be designed in the car. Estimated price for TAMO RaceMo was somewhat between 25 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs. 07.70b7683e The sub brand TAMO was expected to require an investment of Rs. 250 crores and judging by the amount, the board of directors were rather invested in using that much amount of money in reviving the company’s ailing commercial vehicle division. So, the idea of designing an all made in India sports car have been shelved indefinitely considering the losses various other car companies have faced in the recent times and an enormous amount of money required for its completion and success. Complete Specifications of TaMo Racemo: http://autos.maxabout.com/cars/tata/tamo-racemo/tamo-racemo-sports-car

TAMO Brand & Tata RaceMo Launch Plans Shelved (Screenshot from AutoCar India Magazine)