Suzuki Motorcycle India Hits 8 Million Production Milestone

Suzuki Motorcycle India Hits 8 Million Production Milestone

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. (SMIPL) has reached a significant production milestone, celebrating the manufacturing of its 8 millionth two-wheeler in India. This achievement marks a significant moment in the company's history emphasizing its growth and success in the Indian market since beginning operations in 2006.

Milestone Achievement

The 8 millionth unit to roll off the production line was an Avenis 125 scooter, showcasing a vibrant Pearl Blaze Orange/Glass Sparkle Black finish. This model represents Suzuki's commitment to combining style with functionality catering to the aesthetic and performance preferences of the Indian consumer.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Hits 8 Million Production Milestone - snap
Suzuki Motorcycle 8 Million Production Milestone

Rapid Production Growth

SMIPL's journey in India started in February 2006 with the launch of the Access 125 scooter at its production facility in Kherki Dhaula, Gurgaon. The company achieved its first 4 million units over 13 years demonstrating steady growth. However, the pace significantly accelerated with the next 4 million units being produced in approximately 5 years, showcasing rapid expansion and increased market penetration. Notably, the last 1 million units were added in just one year, highlighting a remarkable increase in production rate and demand.

Diverse Product Range

SMIPL manufactures a wide array of two-wheelers catering to both the domestic and international markets. Its portfolio includes popular 125cc scooters such as the Access 125, Avenis and the Burgman Street models, along with motorcycles in the 150cc to 250cc range, including the Gixxer series and the adventure-touring V-Strom SX. Additionally, Suzuki retails high-capacity models like the V-Strom 800DE, the neo-retro Katana, and the iconic Hayabusa in India, appealing to a broad spectrum of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Management's Perspective

Kenichi Umeda, the managing director of Suzuki Motorcycle India, expressed his pride in achieving this milestone, stating, "Reaching the 8 million-unit production milestone is a testament to SMIPL’s manufacturing capability and our strong position in the competitive Indian market."

As Suzuki Motorcycle India continues to expand its footprint the achievement of the 8 million production milestone not only reflects past successes but also sets the stage for future growth. With a strong product lineup and a focus on meeting the evolving needs of consumers, SMIPL is well-positioned to maintain its growth trajectory in the increasingly competitive Indian two-wheeler market.