Suniel Shetty Takes a Sustainable Step – Chooses MG Comet EV as His First Electric Vehicle

Suniel Shetty Takes a Sustainable Step – Chooses MG Comet EV as His First Electric Vehicle

Bollywood luminary Suniel Shetty recently set social media ablaze with an electrifying revelation – the acquisition of his inaugural electric vehicle, the MG Comet EV. Expressing his delight, Shetty shared a snapshot alongside the sleek Comet EV, accompanied by the caption, “My first EV The MG COMET … love it !!” Garnering attention for its fusion of style, sustainability, and innovation this vehicle has captivated automotive enthusiasts and found favor with prominent personalities like Suniel Shetty.

MG Comet EV: Redefining Affordable Electric Cars

Priced between Rs 7.98 lakh and Rs 10.63 lakh (ex-showroom) the MG Comet EV stands out for its cost-effectiveness while delivering noteworthy specifications and warranties. With an impressive 8-year or 1,20,000 km battery warranty, it aims to instill confidence in users regarding the longevity and performance of its power source.

A standout feature of the Comet EV is its extensive customization options offering over 80 choices for extended vehicle warranty and service packages starting at just Rs. 5,000. MG further sweetens the deal with an Assured Buy Back Program assuring customers a 60% buyback of the original ex-showroom value after 3 years making future upgrades more feasible.

Safety and Technological Brilliance

Safety precedes the Comet EV, boasting a high-strength vehicle body comprising 17 hot stamping panels for structural safety. The array of safety features includes Dual Front Airbags, ABS EBD, Rear Parking Camera and sensor, and ISOFIX Child Seat, ensuring a secure driving experience.

Technologically, the Comet EV lives up to expectations. The i-SMART system incorporates over 55 Connected Car Features and 100+ Voice Commands, complemented by a Floating Twin Display featuring a 10.25” head unit and digital cluster, and its futuristic design is made more sophisticated by the smart key and intelligent tech panel.

Sustainability and Personalization

MG’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the encouraging charging cost of Rs 519 per 1,000 km, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly commuting options.

Regarding personalization MG offers special editions like the Gamer edition and the LIT packs catering to diverse personalities and interests, particularly targeting the Gen Z demographic. With over 250 combinations of stickers and graphics, Comet EV aims to resonate with the next generation of urban commuters, whether gaming enthusiasts or fashionistas.

Suniel Shetty’s Eco-Conscious Commitment

In addition to demonstrating Suniel Shetty's commitment to sustainability his adoption of the MG Comet EV is a powerful example of how environmentally friendly choices may be made in the automobile industry. India's electric vehicle market is expected to be greatly impacted by the Comet EV because of its unique blend of affordability, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability initiatives.