Skoda Vision 7S Concept SUV Official Photos and Details

Skoda Vision 7S Concept SUV Official Photos and Details

Skoda Auto has formalized the latest model of EV design disruption. It comes with a global appeal with the launch of its all-fresh Vision 7S bespoke 7-seater electric SUV conceptualization. It will prove to be the ultimate base for the future EVs build-up of the Czech maker.

The built, which is based on the Volkswagen Group’s tried and tested modulation of MEB podcasts, is going to get a new design. This is going to be the Vision 7S, one of its first EV options which are coming from the conglomerate to be getting a new design language. So it is set to become the trademark of the future of Vehicles which are coming from the Skoda brand.

In this series of news, it would be very interesting to know that the overall design format is inspired by TATA’s Avinya EV conceptualization. However, this is going to be the perfect tone for the future of EVs’ upcoming scopes in the market. The Vision 7S’ exclusive signifier is the Tech-Deck face. It works as a rework of the traditional Skoda radiator grille.

In comparison to the already existing design of this version, the new grille is very much flattering and praise-worthy. It has wider ribs which could be replaced by dark glass which covers the car’s sensors. There is also an emphasis put on aerodynamics which has a robust inner body. It even has a high-set tornado line-up and there are well-placed roof lines too.

To mention further, there is one special feature of the interior part of this model. It has an integrated child car seat which is placed in the safest place in the car. This significant feature is integrated into the centre console part, where it extends to the second row of the main front seats.

In the end, talking about the interior’s architecture and the lines which focus on the internal space, overall, it generates feelings of good security. The whole interior is carved out with sustainable and durable substances. The flooring and booting parts are also made with totally recycled tyre veneers.