Royal Enfield 'SG Royal Black' Model Features Air Suspension!

Royal Enfield 'SG Royal Black' Model Features Air Suspension!

Royal Enfield belongs to one of the oldest bike brands in the world and still dominates the market with its popularity. Most interestingly, RE’s bikes are customised at a high rate, and now we've also noticed an amazingly modified Classic 500.

The alteration was made by Smoked Garage, and the RE Classic 500 is named 'SG Royal Black'. As per the Smoked Garage founder, Nicko Eigert, the bobber was a suitable homage to Royal Enfield's military past.

This custom bobber has plenty of notable features. At the front, we notice an aftermarket LED headlight and a custom single-piece handlebar.

The stock instrument cluster has been replaced by a semi-circular LCD panel. The fuel tank and side panels have a bespoke paint job that consists of matte black and glossy grey stripes divided by a red stripe. The rider's seat is low-set, allowing for a cruiser-style riding stance, and a retractable pillion seat is offered.

The front and rear fenders are extremely small, revealing the balloon-type tyres for a masculine appearance. The tyres are mounted on lovely wire-spoked wheels.

Moreover, the most distinctive modification on this custom RE bobber is its air suspension, which can be seen in the video posted on their Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/p/CU92GDKjfE0/.

The suspension can be lowered for a slammed look, or lifted for increased ground clearance or suspension travel, making it a useful addition to the bike. In addition, the fuel filler cap and exhaust are also customised. 

In terms of powertrain, no alterations have been reported and the bike features the same 499cc, single-cylinder engine that churns out 27.57 PS and 41.3 Nm and is coupled with a five-speed gearbox. In India, the RE Classic 500 has been discontinued, but the brand is working on some new bikes to add to its current lineup.