Latest Royal Enfield Motorcycles On-Road Price List

Latest Royal Enfield Motorcycles On-Road Price List

Royal Enfield Motorcycles On-Road Price List: Royal Enfield is one of the most happening brands when it comes to premium motorcycles priced around INR 1.40-2.00 lakh. The RE bikes falling above INR 2 lakh are not that high selling as budget specific buyers are limited to the Classic and Bullet series only. The on-road price range of Royal Enfield Motorcycles starts from INR 1,39,596 for the Bullet 350 with single channel ABS while the Classic 350 with dual channel ABS starts from INR 1,74,300. [caption id="attachment_466742" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Royal Enfield Trials Royal Enfield Trials[/caption] Buyers interested in the Trials series can go for the red finished Bullet 350 Trials at INR 1,84,425 while the bigger 500cc option comes for INR 2,42,210. The 350cc lineup feels affordable in comparison to its rivals while 500cc and above stay exclusive in comparison to all the options. Premium options like the chrome variant of Classic 500 falls close to INR 2.50 lakh. The 650cc Twins price range starts with an on-road price tag of INR 2,89,387. Here is the complete list of products with their respective on-road prices. [caption id="attachment_282013" align="aligncenter" width="767"]650cc Royal Enfield Twins 650cc Royal Enfield Twins[/caption]

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Latest On-Road Price List in Delhi

350cc Models

  1. Bullet: INR 1,39,596
  2. Bullet ES: INR 1,55,097
  3. Bullet Trials: INR 1,84,425
  4. Classic: INR 1,74,300
  5. Classic Redditch: INR 1,74,514
  6. Classic Gunmetal Grey: INR 1,76,515
  7. Classic Signals Edition: INR 1,85,614
  8. Thunderbird: INR 1,77,514
  9. Thunderbird X: INR 1,85,515

400cc Models

  1. Himalayan: INR 2,12,996
  2. Himalayan Sleet: INR 2,14,996

500cc Models

  1. Bullet: INR 2,21,550
  2. Bullet Trials: 2,42,210
  3. Classic: INR 2,35,978
  4. Classic Stealth Black: INR 2,39,171
  5. Classic Desert Storm: INR 2,39,171
  6. Classic Squadron Blue: INR 2,39,171
  7. Classic Chrome Edition: INR 2,47,334
  8. Thunderbird: INR 2,41,709
  9. Thunderbird X: INR 2,50,285

650cc Models

  1. Interceptor: INR 2,89,387
  2. Interceptor Custom: INR 2,97,558
  3. Interceptor Chrome: INR 3,11,176
  4. Continental GT: INR 3,05,728
  5. Continental GT Custom: INR 3,13,899
  6. Continental GT Chrome: INR 3,27,518