Royal Enfield Intends To Launch Electric Motorcycles In India

Royal Enfield Intends To Launch Electric Motorcycles In India

With the increasing market of EVs in India, Royal Enfield is developing their own product powered by an electric heart. The electric bike is in the development phase and launch might be ways away as the automaker doesn't want to rush into making a sub-par product.

Royal Enfield has been working on the idea of a RE electric motorcycle since 2018. While interacting with a news portal, RE’s then-president shared his experience of riding an electric-powered prototype based on their existing model. They did the testing and development of the prototype at their R&D centre based in the UK.

Royal Enfield, along with their parent company Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) announced the investment plan of their fortune endeavours. They are going to invest 1000+ crore with Royal Enfield sharing 500+ crore of money in the fiscal year 2023.

Mr Siddhartha Lal (MD, Eicher Motors) talked about the goal of Royal Enfield at the moment in the international market. Keeping that in mind, the development of the RE EV is going to be their primary focus. He further talked about a fully dedicated team put in place by them to research the current EV market and develop prototypes based on that.

Finally, Lal hinted they are preparing to showcase some concepts in the future, but the timeline and the event at which it might occur remains a secret. In 2018, when the rumour first started about the RE EV, many people wanted to know which model was it going to be based on and not much came out of it. But there were some news outlets that came up with the info that the Royal Enfield Classic model might be the one getting converted into an electrically driven RE bike.

It will be a long time before we will see the electric bike by Royal Enfield running on the streets. They are taking their time to better understand the tech and create a reliable product. We could not expect the debut of a production-ready Royal Enfield EV before 2024.

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