Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Gets 1-Channel ABS; Price List Revealed

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Gets 1-Channel ABS; Price List Revealed

The ex-showroom prices for Bullet 350 ABS and Bullet 350 ES ABS are now available. Those who were expecting more from the popular brand name must understand that the brand had no other option than putting a slightly different combination than the regular safety technology on Classic 350, Bullet 500, Classic 500 and remaining Thunderbird as well as Himalayan variants. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 ABS is available at INR 1.21 lakh for the single channel ABS model with just a front disc and no electric starter. On the other hand, the Bullet 350 ES comes with dual disc brakes, electric starter and single-channel ABS in India for INR 1.35 lakh. The prices mentioned here are ex-showroom Delhi. The configurations can change with different market preferences and thus, the brand preferred keeping the 350cc Bullet lineup under-equipped for the country. The RLP feature is available on both the variants, with Bullet 350 getting the same sort of ring arrangement as seen for the first time on ABS-equipped Avenger 220. The rear brake comes fitted with a ring that helps the system equate the situation and helps the rear tyre in not getting lifted in case of aggressive braking. The entire Royal Enfield lineup is now ABS-equipped, further making the fact visible that the difference of INR 18,000 between the Classic 350 ABS and Bullet ES ABS makes the Classic a safer option with better tires and brakes. The move was radical as buyers were making guesses for the addition of features to the 350cc Bullet lineup that will leave the Classic and Bullet differentiated with just the design lines. The lineup starts from INR 1.21 lakh and goes up to INR 2.85 lakh for the Chrome variant of Continental GT 650. The sales number of April 2019 will clearly show the effect of ABS introduction and change in the popularity of the bestselling models from Royal Enfield and other top brands in the Indian market. Images Source

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What about maintenance cost for Royal Enfield Bullet 350 (Standard)?
2022-12-29 09:58:37 AM
The new compact SUV Mahindra Quanto is powered by a 1493 cc diesel engine that has the potential of 100 bhp at 3750 rpm with max torque of 240 Nm at 1600 rpm.
What about maintenance cost for Royal Enfield Bullet 350 (Standard)?
2022-12-29 06:10:52 AM
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is an amazing bike. The maintenance cost of this bike depends upon timely care and service. The recommended service interval for a Classic 350 is every 6000 km or 6 months. It's best to change mineral oil at every 6000 km or at least once a year because the bike can deteriorate in viscosity if it's not used often. The air filter can be changed every 10,000 km or so. But it should be cleaned in every service. The clutch cable also can be replaced every 10,000 km as a precautionary measure. It can be said that maintenance cost of Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is little high. If the rider gives timely service and good care, the maintenance cost will be INR 2000-3000 per year.
What is the difference between Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and Classic 350?
2022-12-29 06:11:03 AM
The price of Royal Enfield Classic 350 is INR 1.35 lakh and Bullet 350 is INR 1.13 lakh. Classic 350 is a 192 kg bike carrying single seat with an optional back seat. The number plate, logo and the bike colors reflect post war looks. The tail lamp assembly looks classic and crafted fuel tank gives the bike somewhat a retro look. Bullet 350 weighs 183 kg and has a typical circular headlight with twin pilot lamps. This bike lacks cowl, visor and features black colored circular rear view mirrors on its handlebar. The vintage look of Bullet is the biggest USP of this bike. Classic 350 has a disc brake while Bullet 350 comes with a drum brake. Classic 350 measures 2180 mm in length, 790 mm in width, 1080 mm in height and comes in eight different color options. Bullet 350 comes with 2140 mm length, 800 mm width and 1030 mm height. It is only available in black color.
Can Royal Enfield Bullet 350 have electric start option?
2022-12-29 06:10:02 AM
No, the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 STD doesn't come with electric start option. However, you may contact the local dealer to get your bike equipped with it but it would cost you a heavy amount. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 does come with an electric start option. RE recently renamed the Electra 350 to Bullet 350 ES (Electric Start).
What is the on-road price of Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in Ongole (AP)?
2022-12-29 06:04:46 AM
The ex-showroom price of Royal Enfield classic 350 in Ongole, AP is INR 1,21,039. After adding RTO and insurance costs which are INR 7620 and INR 3480 respectively, the on-road price equals to INR 1,32,000