Retail Sales Report: Royal Enfield Beats Jawa by a Huge Margin

Retail Sales Report: Royal Enfield Beats Jawa by a Huge Margin

Royal Enfield Beats Jawa by Huge Margin (Retail Sales Report): According to the latest 2-wheeler sales data revealed by FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations of India), Royal Enfield has proved itself to be the market leader once again (in the cruiser segment) by beating Jawa by a huge margin. As per the sales report for February 2021, Royal Enfield sold 52,713 motorcycles while Jawa was able to register a sales number of just 2,191 units last month.

Royal Enfield Beats Jawa by a Huge Margin

Sales Report (February 2021)

  • Royal Enfield – 52,713 units
  • Jawa – 2,191 units
Judging from these sales numbers, Jawa won’t be able to surpass Royal Enfield’s monthly sales number anytime soon. In comparison to Jawa, Royal Enfield has a huge range of products which are available from a wide network of sales outlets. The reason RE has a monopoly in the Indian market and moreover, the Chennai-based brand has a lower starting price range in comparison to Jawa motorcycles. In one of the news updates, Jawa recently launched the 2021 Jawa 42 Version 2.1 with an ex-showroom price tag of INR 1.84 lakhs. The upgraded version of the motorcycle features alloy wheels and a blacked-out theme and most of the parts such as front and rear suspension, headlight trim/mask, and the exhaust system has been imparted a black finishing instead of chrome. Coming to Royal Enfield, the brand officially launched the 2021 model of the Himalayan adventure motorcycle in India back on February 11 this year with a starting ex-showroom price tag of INR 2.01 lakhs. Major update for the 2021 Himalayan comes in the form of RE’s Tripper Navigation system with turn-by-turn navigation and Google Maps. The Tripper Navigation feature was first seen on the Meteor 350 cruiser motorcycle and the rider can use the same by connecting his/her smartphone via Bluetooth. Sales Data Source: RushLane