Renault, Volkswagen in Talks to Co-create Budget-Friendly EVs

Renault, Volkswagen in Talks to Co-create Budget-Friendly EVs

Renault and Volkswagen in Early Talks for Joint Budget EV Development

Renault and Volkswagen, two automotive giants, are reportedly engaged in initial discussions about a potential collaboration to develop entry-level electric vehicles (EVs) within this decade. The Volkswagen Group is actively seeking a partner to work on an affordable EV, and early discussions have included Renault as a possible collaborator. If the partnership materializes, the combined annual production target is estimated to be between 200,000 and 250,000 cars. Both companies have individual plans to launch mass-market EVs, with Volkswagen eyeing the ID 1 and Renault working on a production version of the reimagined Twingo concept.

Key Points

  1. Collaboration Discussions: Renault and Volkswagen are in the early stages of talks to jointly develop budget-friendly electric vehicles, with an estimated annual production target of 200,000 to 250,000 cars.
  2. Volkswagen's EV Plans: The Volkswagen Group is actively searching for a partner to co-create an affordable EV. The company's CFO, Arno Antlitz, had previously expressed Volkswagen's commitment to developing an EV priced at around €20,000.
  3. Renault's EV Initiatives: Renault is independently working on a budget city EV based on the upcoming Twingo, focusing on efficiency rather than a large battery. The Twingo, positioned for the European market, is expected to become a game-changer.
  4. Volkswagen ID 1 Project: The ID 1, an entry-level EV from Volkswagen, was initially planned to use a new architecture, but its future has faced uncertainty. Cost-cutting measures and a three-year program to save €10 billion are underway at Volkswagen.
  5. Renault Twingo Development: The next Renault Twingo, utilizing the Ampr Small platform, is poised to be a cost-effective EV for Europe. Renault Group Chief Luca de Meo hinted at potential collaborations with OEM partners to share development costs.

While these discussions are ongoing, a potential collaboration between Renault and Volkswagen could expedite the development of affordable electric vehicles, contributing to the broader adoption of sustainable mobility. Official statements from the companies regarding the collaboration are awaited.