Renault Twingo Set to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle

Renault Twingo Set to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle

Renault is gearing up for an electric revolution announcing the revival of the popular Twingo as an EV slated to hit the roads by 2026. This electric iteration of the Twingo will serve as Renault's entry-level model for its upcoming European EV lineup, featuring an impressive array of as many as seven EVs.

Key Details

  • Revival Announcement: The announcement was made during the Capital Markets Day event for Renault Group's newly unveiled Ampere EV spin-off firm.
  • Ampere's Role: The newly established Ampere firm, a standalone entity within the Renault Group, will play a crucial role in producing EVs for Renault, Nissan, Alpine, and Mitsubishi.
  • Affordable and Sustainable: Described as a "silver bullet for sustainable mobility," the Twingo EV is positioned as Renault's affordable electric solution. Renault Group's CEO, Luca de Meo, emphasized the intention to match Chinese rivals in terms of pricing.
  • Reduced Production Costs: De Meo highlighted that the new Twingo would cost 50 percent less to produce than a new C-segment SUV and this cost reduction is attributed to a heightened focus on a software-driven platform, resulting in fewer components and materials.
  • Heritage and Design: The upcoming Twingo EV is hailed as a revival of the original spirit of the Renault brand, echoing the success of the first Twingo launched 30 years ago. The naming strategy follows the footsteps of models like the Renault M├ęgane E-Tech, Renault Scenic E-Tech, 5, and 4, blending a retro name with modern styling elements.
  • Outline Details: While specific details on the new Twingo are limited, it is described as a "fit-for-purpose urban vehicle with no compromise," indicating its suitability for urban mobility.

Ampere's Focus on Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV)

  • Ampere's Mission: As a new player in the EV landscape, Ampere aims to design, engineer, manufacture, and market EVs in Europe under the Renault brand and the focus is on achieving prices of EVs and ICE (internal combustion engine) cars are same.
  • Connectivity Emphasis: Ampere's SDV strategy revolves around European needs, prioritizing connectivity. By concentrating on Level 2+ autonomy the company aims to cater to the preferences of European consumers.
  • Model Portfolio: Ampere will concentrate on B- and C-segment models using two existing Renault Group EV platforms. In addition to serving the Renault brand, Ampere will develop two EVs for the performance brand Alpine, produce the new Nissan Micra for the alliance, and manufacture a global C-segment electric SUV for Mitsubishi.
  • Market Differentiation: De Meo highlighted Ampere's European focus, suggesting that it could have an edge over Chinese competitors in terms of technology and infotainment better suited to the European market.

Global Reach

While the Twingo EV is set to become a notable addition to Renault's European lineup, there's no official word on its arrival in India. However, the existing Kwid EV, based on the Dacia Spring EV, currently serves as Renault's entry-level electric car in certain South American markets. Renault-Nissan's hint at an A-segment EV for the Indian market suggests potential future developments.