Production Ready Yamaha Fazer 250 Revealed!

Production Ready Yamaha Fazer 250 Revealed!

Update 5 | July 29, 2017 | Production Ready Yamaha Fazer 250 Revealed! Thanks to our readers Raifansha Ar and D Suraj Sahoo for sharing the photos with us. This is it! What you see here is the production ready version of the upcoming full-faired Yamaha Fazer 250. It has been spotted this time in bright Red shade with Beige and Black highlights. Fazer 250 is one of the most-awaited bikes in India this year as it would be the most-affordable full-faired 250cc motorcycle in India. The bike will be powered by the same 249cc oil-cooled fuel-injected engine which generates maximum power of 20.9 PS and 20 Nm of maximum torque. It will use the same 5-speed gearbox and could claim a better top speed as well as fuel efficiency due to improved aerodynamics. Fazer 250 is expected to go on-sale in India by the end of next month or in September, well before the festive season in India and it will surely help Yamaha to get a very good start in terms of sales. The expected price for Fazer 250 is around INR 1.30-1.35 lakhs, around INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 more in comparison to the naked version FZ25, which is available for INR 1.20 lakhs. It was being said that Fazer 250 will come equipped with ABS but the ABS ring is not visible in the latest spy photos, making it clear that it might come with ABS as an option or might not come with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) to price it competitively. We feel that ABS is a must-have safety feature for bikes above 200cc and Yamaha should consider providing ABS in the Fazer 250. Update 4 | June 08, 2017 | Yamaha Fazer 250 Fully Revealed | Latest Spy Photos Here comes the moment of joy for all Yamaha Fazer 250 fans. The motorcycle has been completely revealed in the new set of images where the front of the same can be clearly seen in the production ready design. Those who were expecting a dual headlight design may get disappointed as Yamaha used the same headlight from FZ25 and surrounded the same with twin daytime running lights. The upper section gets huge windscreen and thus, a proper tourer from Yamaha has arrived. The rear view mirrors are placed on a higher point than most other bikes. Yamaha-Fazer-250-Front Yamaha-Fazer-250-Cluster Yamaha-Fazer-250-Exhaust Yamaha-Fazer-250-Side Yamaha-Fazer-250-Tank

Images Source: Malkeet2017 (Instagram)

Update 3 | June 07, 2017 | Yamaha Fazer 250 Spied Again | Clearest Spy Image  Yamaha Fazer 250 was once again spotted testing without camouflage in the same old Grey livery. The motorcycle is seen without an ABS ring and now clearly shows its side fairing. The same is linked to a raised Black front fascia that holds the single headlight unit of the motorcycle. 2017-Yamaha-Fazer-250-Spy-Pic-side-grey

In order to keep the costs under check, Yamaha is expected to skip the twin headlight setup and use the same headlight as the FZ25 on the Fazer 250. The motorcycle was spotted by Instagram user Malkeet2017 and uses most of the parts from the FZ25 itself.

Update 2 | 25th May, 2017 | New Spy Photos

Yamaha Fazer 250 (also rumored FZ25R) was once again spotted testing on the Indian roads. This time, the image comes much more clearer than before, completely revealing the side fairing and exact design of the motorcycle. The bike was spotted in Delhi by Akshay Chhabra and these photos are the best-ever spy photos of the upcoming and much-awaited Yamaha Fazer 250. Yamaha-Fazer-25-Yamaha-Fazer-250-spy-shot-side-clear

Image Source: IAB


Yamaha Fazer 250 Spotted While Testing in Delhi

The bike was seen wrapped in Grey shade while the fairing has been kept away from the engine bay. The sitting position seemed quite right on the Fazer 250. It it yet to be seen from the front as no decision on its fascia can be made through these images. It might get a single headlamp design like the Gixxer SF but we would love to see twin-LED headlights like the Yamaha R15 V3.0 or 2017 Honda CBR150R. Yamaha-Fazar-250-Delhi-2 Yamaha-Fazar-250-1-Delhi Yamaha-Fazar-250-Delhi-3

Images Source: xBHP

Update 1 | 19th May, 2017 | Yamaha Fazer 250 Spotted Yamaha Fazer 250 is the next big thing that was recently spotted for the first time on Indian roads. Yamaha hinted at the existence of a faired motorcycle some time back while this recently surfaced image confirms the presence of a FZ25 based motorcycle. The bike was seen running on a highway and only rear three quarter view for the same was captured. The bike looks amazing in this livery as Matt Grey suits the body design of the mature Fazer 250. The fairing looks simply amazing from this view and ignites the hope for an even better front fascia. 2017-Yamaha-Fazer-250-1 Some reports even claim that it may not carry the Fazer moniker and gets the Yamaha FZ25R name for the Indian market. The motorcycle will most probably carry the same engine tune as smaller 150cc counterparts also share the same engine with exactly same output values. This makes the 249cc, oil cooled engine good for 20.9 PS and 20 Nm of torque. It will use the same 5-speed gearbox and could claim a better top speed as well as fuel efficiency due to improved aerodynamics. Fazer 250 will most probably carry a dual headlight setup. 2017-Yamaha-Fazer-250-2

Yamaha Fazer 250 Spotted While Testing in India

Yamaha will keep the cost under check by sharing most parts with the FZ25. The rear end, exhaust, fuel tank and even the tyres are same as FZ25 while the front face will clearly differentiate both the cousins.

The motorcycle is expected to launch with a starting price of INR 1.29 lakh while Yamaha may launch the ABS version later for the Indian market. The cost of ABS could fall between INR 10,000-14,000. Yamaha Fazer 250 is expected to be launched in India around the festive season of 2017.


Photos Source: ThrustZone