Ola Scooter Owners Facing Reverse Mode & Sudden Shutdown Problems

Ola Scooter Owners Facing Reverse Mode & Sudden Shutdown Problems

Some customers of the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter are apparently impacted by a reverse mode accelerator problem. The problem was revealed on social media through a video in which the electric scooter is shown to have abruptly shifted to reverse mode and picked up an unnaturally rapid speed. A few days back, a fire incident involving an Ola S1 Pro scooter was reported. The brand had promised an investigation into the matter. 


Some Ola S1 Pro owners have also complained about unexpected shutdown issues, which have forced them to seek out a charging station in the middle of their journey. A video shared on Twitter and other social media handles displays an Ola S1 Pro lying on its side, abruptly switching to reverse mode and starting running at a significantly quicker pace. It might be a software glitch and be fixed through an update.


On the other hand, Ola Electric has not shared a word yet on the current issue. Like the other e-scooter makers, Ola has also given the scooter a reverse mode, which is for the help of users while parking the vehicle in narrow spaces or stuck in a pothole. However, the brand has not revealed the speed set limit for the Ola S1 Pro in reverse mode.