One Year Has Passed & Ola Scooter Owners Are Still Facing Problems

One Year Has Passed & Ola Scooter Owners Are Still Facing Problems

Customers' problems haven't changed in the year since the much-anticipated release of the Ola S1 Pro. Customers continue to present with a variety of problems, the majority of which are severe. One such issue with the S1 Pro is the front suspension arm failing on the move, which sadly continues to this day with no proper solutions from the company. There hasn't even been an official recall issued for the affected lot.


Tilak Shah, a Twitter user, claimed that Ola's service team was unable to resolve his scooter's issues. They appeared to have gone to the service centre and never returned.


Ola promised to solve the tech issues with the latest Move OS 2 update. When all the bugs should have been resolved yet most of the software issues still persist. Move OS 2 includes new features such as navigation and music playback and users have reported problems with them as well.

Customers have reported a variety of mechanical issues with the suspension, side stand, wiring, body panels, and electric motor, in addition to the suspension arm breakage. Sanjeeb Behera, a Twitter user, recently posted about his motor noise problem.


Even the pre-dispatch checks appear to be inadequate. Vicky, a Twitter user, stated that he refused delivery of his S1 Pro after noticing damages and issues with the seat opening.


Even after months of waiting, many customers have yet to receive their RC. As a result, their scooters are not road legal and attract massive fines if caught by police. Abhiran Haldar, a Twitter user, used strong language to describe his situation.


Many customers who cancelled their reservations have yet to receive refunds from the company and many people have even threatened to sue. They claim that Ola Electric's response to the delay is unsatisfactory.

Ola Electric should temporarily halt all operations and focus on existing customers first. The company has grown to this level due to their unwavering trust from the start.

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Full List of Problems Faced by Owners
OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Full List of Problems Faced by Owners

Despite the fact that the Ola S1 customers have had a bumpy ride thus far, we hope that the brand will soon correct things so that interested customers can receive their products without flaws, on time, and safely. 

It has been reported numerous times that faulty batteries are the primary cause of electric scooters catching fire and this factor should not be overlooked. Ola can also try to allocate more resources to ensure that the Ola S1 lineup receives regular bug updates. Electric vehicles are more than just another mechanical automobile product, they also have a layer that requires their own maintenance and quality checks.