Ola Electric Unveils Exciting Lineup and Future Plans at Annual Customer Day Event

Ola Electric Unveils Exciting Lineup and Future Plans at Annual Customer Day Event

Ola Electric, the pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, made waves on August 15, 2023, during its much-anticipated annual customer day event held at the Ola Future Factory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. A number of amazing new items, including futuristic electric bikes, new scooters, and improved features were formally introduced at the event.


New Scooters Galore


One of the star attractions of the event was the launch of the S1 Pro Gen 2, which carries a price tag of Rs 1,47,499 (ex-showroom, including FAME 2 subsidy). This latest model, built on Ola Electric's advanced Gen-2 platform, introduces notable upgrades such as a flat floorboard and a front telescopic fork. With its 11kW motor, the S1 Pro Gen 2 boasts a remarkable ARAI-claimed range of 195km, a top speed reaching 120kmph, and an impressive acceleration time of just 2.6 seconds to go from 0 to 40kmph.



Expanding their lineup further, Ola Electric also unveiled the S1X range of scooters, comprising the S1X+, S1X (2kWh), and S1X (3kWh). Each of these variants is equipped with a powerful 6kW motor. The S1X+ and the S1X (3kWh) feature a 3kWh capacity battery, offering an ARAI-claimed range of 151km and a top speed of 90kmph. Meanwhile, the S1X (2kWh) comes fitted with a 2kWh battery, promising an ARAI-claimed range of 91km and a top speed of 85kmph.



MoveOS 4: A Glimpse of the Future


The event also saw the unveiling of Ola Electric's MoveOS 4, an upcoming feature set to revolutionize the riding experience. Starting with a beta version available through over-the-air (OTA) updates on September 15, followed by the full-scale version in October, MoveOS 4 offers an array of impressive features. These include Ola Maps, Hill Descent, Find my scooter, Location push, HC Routing, Megaphone, Concert Mode, Customizable motor sounds, Theft/Tow/Fall detection, Geo and time fencing, Take-me-home lights, Auto turn-off indicators, Ride and Energy Stats, Call Filter, Biometric unlock, Widgets, Dark Mode, and Scooter locator.


Sneak Peek at Upcoming Electric Motorcycles


Ola Electric's visionary approach was further highlighted with the introduction of four upcoming electric motorcycles: Diamondhead, Adventure, Roadster, and Cruiser. These eagerly awaited models are set to make their debut by the close of 2024. The Diamondhead, priced at an estimated Rs 3.5 lakh (ex-showroom), is poised to take center stage as the company's flagship product. Boasting a sleek and minimalistic design, this high-performance e-motorcycle features striking LED headlight and taillight strips.


The Adventure, designed as an electric ADV, boasts a tall seat height, integrated high-rise fender and tank design, substantial windscreen, USD fork, and spoked wheels. The Roadster, embracing its name, showcases a stripped-down bike style with a slim headlight unit, upright riding stance, mid-set footpegs, and USD fork with a monoshock. The Cruiser's forward-set footpegs allow for a relaxed riding position.


Bold Steps Forward


Ola Electric has announced intentions to open an additional 100 service centers across India, strengthening its current network of more than 500 service centers, as a demonstration of its dedication to excellence. These actions are positioned to offer customers even more comfort and support for their electric vehicles.


The annual customer day celebration highlighted Ola Electric's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and improving the electric mobility experience for everybody. Ola Electric keeps moving forward in the field of environmentally friendly transportation with a variety of remarkable scooters, industry-changing innovations, and a look into the future of electric motorbikes.


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Is it necessary to have driving license and registration to ride Ola Electric S1 X?
2023-08-31 08:27:35 AM

Ola Electric S1 X is an electric scooter available in Indian automobile market. According to the Government rule, bikes or scooter which has top speed more than 25 kmph or have motor capacity more than 250 watts, it is necessary to have valid driving license and registration to ride those bikes or scooters. Hence, Ola Electric S1 X has top speed of 90 kmph and therefore, it is necessary to have valid driving license and registration to ride Ola Electric S1 X.

What is the difference between Ola Electric S1 X and Ola Electric S1 Air?
2023-08-31 08:26:39 AM

Ola Electric S1 X and Ola Electric S1 Air are good electric scooters from Ola. Ola Electric S1 X has Twin Telecsope front suspension, range is 151 km/charge and ground clearance is 160 mm. Whereas, Ola Electric S1 Air has Single for front suspension, range is 141 km/charge and ground clearance is 165 mm.

Does Ola Electric S1 Pro scooter comes with bluetooth?
2023-01-03 04:34:06 AM
Yes, the Ola Electric S1 Pro scooter comes with bluetooth enabled for connecting to your phone for navigation and other features. You can also customize the scooter with the Ola app to make it even better.
Is helmet compulsory for Ola Electric S1 Pro?
2023-01-03 04:33:14 AM
Yes, helmet is compulsory for Ola Electric S1 Pro. This is for the safety of the rider and to ensure maximum protection in the event of an accident. It is recommended that you wear a helmet that is approved by the manufacturer to ensure the best fit and protection.
What is the Subsidy amount on Ola Electric S1 Pro?
2023-01-03 04:32:57 AM
Ola Electric S1 Pro comes with a subsidy amount of up to Rs. 5,000 on the purchase of the two-wheeler. This subsidy is applicable in some states and cities, so it is advisable to check with your local dealer before making the purchase. Additionally, you may also be able to avail discounts and offers through the Ola app.