OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Full List of 25 Problems Faced by Owners

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Full List of 25 Problems Faced by Owners

Ola Electric joined the EV segment race with great enthusiasm, and there was considerable hype for its scooters all around the country. The Indian audience liked the pretty design and technology of the Ola S1 and S1 Pro scooters and the brand got a huge number of bookings in no time.

However, there was a long delay, and finally, the brand started delivering the S1 Pro scooters to the buyers on December 15, 2021. Unfortunately, Ola Electric again became the headline with multiple issues found in the scooters.

It's been almost one year since the launch of the Ola electric scooter in India and the buyers are still facing a lot of issues. Here is the complete list of problems being faced by the Ola scooter owners:

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Here Is The List Of 20+ Issues

  1. Sudden Battery Drain Issue
  2. Loose Handle Issue
  3. Unforeseen Speed Drop Issue
  4. Shutdown Even After 50% Charging 
  5. Display Not Getting On 
  6. Underseat Storage Gets Locked When Battery Is Dead
  7. Accelerator Glitch: Unwanted Reverse Mode Activation 
  8. Handle Gets Locked When Battery Is Dead
  9. Poor Side Stand Quality
  10. Display Goes Blank On Its Own
  11. Turn-Indicator Switches, Home Button Not Working Properly
  12. Electric Start Switch Not Working
  13. OS suddenly stops working
  14. Poor Aftersales Service
  15. Long Wait For Roadside Assistance (RSA)
  16. The Instrument Cluster Screen Goes On & Off On Its Own
  17. Eco Mode Activation on its own
  18. Rear Disc Brake Noise Issues
  19. Jammed Charging Port Lid
  20. Huge Panel Gaps In Some Of The Scooters
  21. Brake Lever Damaging On Slight Impact
  22. Doesn't climb small slope after 30% battery
  23. The Scooter Stops On Its Own Even If The Display Shows That It is Charged
  24. The Display Stops Working, Stuck, and No Controls Work For 5-10 Minutes
  25. Owners Facing Registration and Insurance Claim Issues

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Tweets By Owners

Recently, a lethal accident occurred on the Ola S1 Pro scooter, which raised the issue again to a high level. Scooter buyers made Tweets and shared the problems they are dealing with. One of the biggest problems faced was the sudden battery drainage. Here we have collected all the difficulties faced by the Ola S1 Pro scooters even after paying a huge amount of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.30 lakh for these new scooters.

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