New Honda Scooter Teased In India; Activa 7G Coming?

New Honda Scooter Teased In India; Activa 7G Coming?

Honda has teased a new scooter on its website, following the release of its new naked streetfighter, the CB300F. And based on the image, it's almost certain that the company has something in the works for its evergreen Activa.

The teaser image depicts a faint silhouette of a scooter's headlight and handlebar section, which appears to be the same as the current Activa 6G. The placement of the Honda badge on the top of the apron is also identical to the 6G, though the badge is gold this time.

There are two options here: the release of the Activa 7G or a future special edition of the Activa 6G. The 6G was released two years after the 5G, so if Honda sticks to their schedule, the 7G should be available soon. And, given how conservative the company has been with changes to Activa in the past, the 7G is likely to look very similar to the current model.

Which begs the question of what Honda might change for the 7G. The lack of an alloy wheel or a front disc brake in the 6G lineup has long been a source of contention. Perhaps Honda will finally offer these features on the 7G's top variant.

Having said that, Honda has a habit of introducing special editions for its models on a regular basis, which are typically nothing more than different paint options. And perhaps something similar is in the works for the Activa 6G as well. The teaser's golden finish on the Honda badge suggests this possibility.

Activa is unquestionably Honda's most important model in India, if not the world. If the company were about to release the next generation of this product, it would almost certainly do more to generate buzz than just a teaser image on its website. Honda's plans for Activa will become clearer in the coming days. Stay tuned for more information.