New Bajaj Pulsar Model to Launch in India by June 2019

New Bajaj Pulsar Model to Launch in India by June 2019

Rajiv Bajaj has confirmed the arrival of a new Pulsar model that will use an innovative technology that will help the brand get more buyers than ever. The only question that stays unanswered here is that whether the motorcycle is an all-new model or an update to the existing range and if the second quote stays in place, will it be based on the DTSi model or the new NS/RS series models. The last phase of innovation from Bajaj came through the updated console seen on Dominar 400, offering impressive real-time values that are not just helpful for keeping expenses in mind, but also knowing how well your motorcycle responds to your riding style. Bajaj has successfully shifted from an everyday scooter manufacturer to a global face with options like Dominar, Pulsar and Avenger series that are accepted by more than 70 countries. The growth rate of 8% for Bajaj Auto will further improve with the upcoming Pulsar, hinting that the model will be cost-effective and practical for the majority of the buyers in India. [caption id="attachment_486564" align="aligncenter" width="850"]New Bajaj Pulsar Model New Bajaj Pulsar Model to Launch in India by June 2019[/caption] The new Pulsar model will arrive around June, leaving the brand with less than 3-months of time to test the practicality that is hidden under the innovation tag for the motorcycle. Not just the Pulsar, both CT100 and Platina range will also receive some remarkable upgrades in the form of a new model launch. Bajaj Auto is yet to update the official website as the motorcycles without ABS should have left the space from April 1, 2019. Still, most brands (including Bajaj) are not showing their exact lineup on their official website and in case of Bajaj Auto, the brand is still showing the non-ABS models among the options like RS200 and NS200. The Pulsar range is the highest selling sportbike brand of India, leaving behind the celebrated Apache lineup by a large margin. Source

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Which is the Bajaj Pulsar model shown in the recent Samsung J3 ad?
2022-12-29 06:00:53 AM
The bike in the Samsung J3 advertisement is Bajaj Pulsar AS150/200. The front windshield of the bikes are removed and a custom color AS series motorcycle has been provided to Shahid Kapoor. The advertisement provokes road safety through the new feature in the Samsung J3 while Bajaj has also displayed other bikes like RS200 and NS200 in the basement parking scene.