MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Tyres Launched in India (Full Price List)

MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Tyres Launched in India (Full Price List)

MRF has launched the Nylogrip Ezeeride range of tyres for the Indian two-wheeler market, catering to the needs of multiple brands with their commuter-friendly options that are totally opposite to the Zapper range available in the company lineup. The tread is based on straight riding pattern followed by most riders as cornering comes best from the other options with a curved surface. The Nylogrip Ezeeride range is available from INR 1400 for the front and INR 1500 for the rear wheel, going all the way up to INR 1575 for the Royal Enfield-specific front tyre and INR 5550 for the Harley-Davidson Street 750's rear tyre. [caption id="attachment_493535" align="aligncenter" width="980"]MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Tyres Features Key Features of MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Tyres[/caption] The range is quite confusing as those looking for a combo may only have the same for limited brands. Royal Enfield bike owners can get the combination of tyres while those looking for Harley tyres will have the option of the rear tyre only. The most number of options focus on mass-market brands like Hero, Honda, Bajaj, Suzuki, TVS, and Yamaha. The range of tyres will serve both the commuter and cruiser segment while buyers looking for the sportbike tyre range can consider Zapper and Masseter range of tyres from MRF. [caption id="attachment_493536" align="aligncenter" width="980"]MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Tyres MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Tyres Launched in India[/caption]

MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Price List

Tyres for Front Wheel

  • 2.75-17 TT (Bajaj, Suzuki, TVS): INR 1400
  • 80/100-18 TL (Hero, Honda): INR 1500
  • 2.75-18 TT (Hero, TVS): INR 1550
  • 3.25-19 (Royal Enfield): INR 1575

Tyres for Rear Wheel

  • 2.75-18 TL (Hero, TVS, Yamaha): INR 1500
  • 3.00-17 TL (Bajaj, Suzuki, Hero, TVS): INR 1525
  • 80/100-18 TL (Hero, Honda, Yamaha): INR 1550
  • 2.75-18 TT (Hero, TVS, Yamaha): INR 1600
  • 3.00-17 TT (Bajaj, Suzuki, TVS): INR 1625
  • 3.00-18 TL (Hero, TVS, Yamaha): INR 1625
  • 3.25-19 (Royal Enfield): INR 1650
  • 3.00-18 TT (Hero, TVS, Yamaha): INR 1725
  • 150/70-15 (Harley-Davidson): INR 5550