Modified Royal Enfield Machismo by Spanners Customs (Chennai)

Modified Royal Enfield Machismo by Spanners Customs (Chennai)

Royal Enfield Machismo was another great product from once British and now Indian motorcycle brand. Machismo feels like a cross between Classic Chrome and Electra 350 as it carries chrome paint all over with Electra style seat and color tone. The 1990 Machismo used here was almost rusted and bringing it back alive was nothing less than a challenge for Spanners Customs. The finished version is a typical modern cruiser with equal emphasis to comfort and safety. Unlike the original Machismo with drum brake, this Blue and White Edition uses front disc and rear backrest for both safety and comfort related reasons.

Before Modification

Original fuel tank of Machismo was badly damaged and thus, they got a new fuel tank with dual tone shade for riders safety. A high placed handlebar was used to get that perfect straight back posture on Machismo 350. The seat here is also well padded while black dual barrel exhaust is used to get that typical roaring RE feel. Spanners Customs have used a set of dual tone alloy wheels with balanced black/chrome finish. Front fender was finished in White shade while rear gets blue finish for that premium cruiser effect. Suspension was also painted for a perfect sync.

After Modification

Royal Enfield Machismo is powered by a 346cc, cast iron engine that further comes paired to a 4-speed gearbox. Unlike present day bikes, the gear lever on Machismo is available on the right side of its engine. As revealed by Spanners Customs, the modification cost of this Machismo is INR 1 Lakh. Typical Bullet style front fascia was left untouched in terms of design while black paint helped it look better than the original maroon shade on Machismo 350. Royal Enfield range presently starts from INR 1.15 lakh for the Bullet 350.

Spanners Customs (Chennai)

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  • Contact Person: Ram Narayanan Hari
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Most Popular Answers for Royal Enfield Machismo
Is Royal Enfield Machismo 350 available in India?
2022-12-29 06:02:08 AM
Royal Enfield Machismo has been discontinued from a long time and last retailed for INR 1,06,500. Machismo was a Classic 350 of it's time as it used divided seat, front disc brake and chrome studded parts for the premium feel over the Bullet 350. It used the same 346 cc engine producing 18 BHP @ 5500 rpm and 2.8 Kgm @ 3500 rpm. The gearbox used was a 5-speed while the other version used 4-speed manual gearbox. It had a top speed of 110 kmph and carried a 14.5 liter fuel tank.
Is Royal Enfield Machismo 350 & 500 available in showrooms?
2022-12-29 05:57:13 AM
The Royal Enfield Machismo has been discontinued from a long time and its availability is very rare, even in the used motorcycle market. The bike was a RE Classic of its time, providing divided seat and disc brake for better ride quality. You can go for the new RE Classic 350/500. The 350 cc Classic is the best option as it comes with an excellent mileage, superb ride quality and reasonable price. The 346 cc, 1-cylinder engine produces 19.8 BHP @ 5250 rpm and 28 NM @ 4000 rpm. It gets excellent tyres, disc brake for the front wheel and an optional off-road exhaust. The bike gets a price tag of INR 1,25,000.
Is Royal Enfield Machismo 350 available in the showroom?
2022-12-29 05:52:46 AM

The Royal Enfield Machismo is a discontinued model from the manufacturer and the current lineup includes Standard, Classic, Electra, Thunderbird and Continental GT series. The bike used the same 346 cc engine, producing 18 BHP @ 5,500 rpm and 27.5 NM @ 3,500 rpm. At its time of sale, the Classic 350 was not even planned and it shared the same divided seat concept as being used presently. It was actually a bike with features of all the current lineup, using the disc brake as on the Electra series, tyres as on the Standard Bullet series and a windshield as on the Thunderbird series. It was lightweight when compared to the other Bullet's and used a lot of Chrome, making it more appealing than the others at that time.

2022-12-29 05:49:39 AM
The Royal Enfield Machismo has been discontinued and the current available series are Classic, Standard, Electra, Thunderbird and Continental GT. The Machismo was a 346 cc, 18 BHP and 27 BHP machine that came up with an optional disc brake for the front. It was not a refined Royal Enfield as it produced a lot of extra noise and vibrations. With 14.5 liter of fuel tank, the bike returned 29 kmpl only. It was somewhat light from others at 175 kg. The bike had a chrome tank and chrome was also place on both the mudguards. It was mostly like the Standard Bullet 350 and was priced at INR 1,06,500.