Mitsubishi's New Minicab EV: An Affordable Electric Commercial Vehicle

Mitsubishi's New Minicab EV: An Affordable Electric Commercial Vehicle


The Minicab EV, a compact electric commercial vehicle from Mitsubishi, is intended primarily for companies looking to expand their product line with an eye-catching new model. On December 21st, this green car will make its debut in Japan providing businesses wishing to adopt sustainable mobility with a compelling option.

Two Versions for Different Needs

The Minicab EV is available in two versions to cater to varying needs. The cost of the two-seater model is 2,431,000 yen while the four-seater model is slightly more expensive at 2,486,000 yen. Businesses can select the model that best fits their operating needs because of this flexibility.

Building on a Legacy: Upgraded from Minicab-MiEV

This innovative vehicle builds on the legacy of the Minicab-MiEV, a model that has been a mainstay for Mitsubishi for the past 12 years. The Minicab EV is expected to increase performance, safety, and convenience by leveraging the knowledge gathered throughout the creation and upkeep of its predecessor.

Extended Range and Ready for Work

One notable enhancement is the extended driving range of the Minicab EV. With an impressive 180-kilometer range per charge (measured in WLTC mode), it boasts a substantial 35% increase compared to its predecessor. This extended range ensures that, when charged overnight, the vehicle is fully charged and ready for a day's work.

Safety and Convenience Features

Safety and convenience take center stage in the Minicab EV. Road safety is improved by contemporary technologies like forward collision mitigation and lane departure warning. Furthermore, useful features that improve overall convenience for the driver and passengers are a smartphone tray, USB charging outlets, and a rear power outlet.

Affordability Maintained: Improved Without Raising the Price

Remarkably, Mitsubishi has managed to introduce these upgrades without inflating the price. For businesses looking to go electric without going over budget, the Minicab EV remains a reasonably priced replacement for its predecessor.

Technological Upgrades for Efficiency and Quiet Driving

Under the hood, technological upgrades abound. The electric motor and battery have been modified to increase performance and efficiency. The integrated motor and inverter, designed as a single unit, not only contribute to improved efficiency but also result in a remarkably quiet driving experience, allowing for early morning or late-night driving without disturbing others.

Contributing to a Greener Future

Beyond its individual merits, the Minicab EV aligns with Mitsubishi's commitment to environmental sustainability. As global efforts accelerate towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Mitsubishi aims to contribute to this cause by reducing CO2 emissions, particularly in the crucial last mile of commercial use where the Minicab EV is positioned.

A Small, Quiet, and Environmentally Friendly Helper for Businesses in Japan!

When looking for a commercial vehicle that is economical, effective, and ecologically responsible, businesses in Japan find that the Mitsubishi Minicab EV is a very attractive option. The market for electric commercial vehicles may be significantly impacted by the Minicab EV's clever design, improved functionality, and dedication to sustainability.