Here's Why MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi; Owner Issues Statement

Here's Why MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi; Owner Issues Statement

Here's Why MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi: Responding to the video getting viral on Whatsapp and other social media channels of the MG Hector burning in the middle of the road, the owner has finally cleared the air on the subject. The SUV was spotted at the middle of the LG House road in New Delhi and it was engulfed in unmanageable fire. The SUV seen in the video was the MG Hector top-spec DCT variant while the entire scenario of it getting fire did cause a ruckus among the audience concerning the safety of the passengers and the reliability of recently launched SUV in the Indian market.

MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi (Video)

[video width="640" height="352" mp4="https://ic1.maxabout.us/news/2020/01/MG-Hector-Fire.mp4"][/video] The reports of the SUV getting caught on fire circulated on social media channels as well as major forums within no time while the customers started blaming the British manufacturer for not paying heed to the most important aspect of an automobile, that is the driver’s as well as the passenger’s safety. The brand was quick enough to investigate the matter within a few hours and has finally cleared the air with all its prospective customers. The owner of the MG Hector has taken full responsibility of the event and ensured how he appreciated the time and effort that the MG officials took out to reach to him while further ensuring the safety of all the passengers present in the SUV at that time. According to the owner Mr Bhupender Singh, the SUV caught fire due to the accessories he got installed in the SUV from a third party vendor at the dealership. The owner of the SUV in no way blames the brand for not taking care of the safety parameters inside the SUV. Here is the official statement issued by Bhupender Singh regarding the incident: [caption id="attachment_539204" align="aligncenter" width="1536"]MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi Here's Why MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi; Owner Issues Statement[/caption] “This is in reference to the incident I have experienced on 20th Jan 2020 on my MG Hector. I sincerely appreciate the gesture of MG Motor for promptly reaching out to me & proactively helping me and resolving my concern. All members in the car are safe. I had fitted some accessories in my car at the dealership which could be the probable reason for the incident. I have enjoyed my experience with MG and this high level of customer service and quick response has furthered my confidence in MG.” Since the third party accessories can cause electrical issues and be responsible for the fires to erupt, the customers must thoroughly research the pros and cons of the modifications they are getting for their cars. You can also check out the recent forum discussion on the MG Hector getting caught on fire here. Statement Source [caption id="attachment_538940" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Top 10 Best-Selling Bikes in India (December 2019) Sales Report: Top 10 Best-Selling Bikes in India (December 2019)[/caption]