MG Comet Launches with 7.4kW AC Charger: Priced at Rs 8.24 Lakh

MG Comet Launches with 7.4kW AC Charger: Priced at Rs 8.24 Lakh

MG Motor India has launched an updated version of the MG Comet electric vehicle (EV) addressing a key drawback of the previous model by introducing a faster 7.4kW AC charger. Customers now have greater flexibility and convenience when charging their EVs due to this improvement. With two top-spec trims available the new variation gives buyers additional options and better features. Prices for the MG Comet now range from Rs 6.99 lakh to Rs 9.14 lakh (ex-showroom, India).

Enhancements and Upgrades

Significant improvements to the MG Comet EV include hill hold control, ESP, and rear disc brakes which enhance both the vehicle overall safety and driving experience. MG has also introduced two new variants, the 'Shine Pro' and 'Select Pro', replacing the previous 'Shine' and 'Smart' trims. The Shine Pro and Select Pro trims are priced from Rs 16 lakh and Rs 17.30 lakh (ex-showroom) respectively, offering more features and equipment than their predecessors.

MG Comet Launches with 7.4kW AC Charger: Priced at Rs 8.24 Lakh - frame
MG Comet 

Charging Convenience and Features

The addition of the faster 7.4kW AC charger to the MG Comet EV improves charging times, making it more convenient for customers. The new charger is available on the Excite and Exclusive trims which also feature a range of other upgrades. These include a panoramic sunroof, interior LED reading lights, connected car capabilities, and an 8-speaker sound system with woofer and amplifier enhancing the overall driving experience.

MG Comet Launches with 7.4kW AC Charger: Priced at Rs 8.24 Lakh - picture
MG Comet 

Technical Specifications and Range

The MG Comet EV continues to offer a 17.3kWh battery with an ARAI-certified range of 230km. It is powered by a single electric motor on the rear axle that produces 42hp and 110Nm of torque. The Comet EV is a fashionable and eco-friendly mobility choice for customers meant to be a small urban runabout.

Pricing Details

The pricing for the MG Comet EV is as follows:

  • Executive: Rs 6.99 lakh
  • Excite: Rs 7.88 lakh
  • Excite FC: Rs 8.24 lakh
  • Exclusive: Rs 8.78 lakh
  • Exclusive FC: Rs 9.14 lakh

The updated MG Comet EV with the faster 7.4kW AC charger and other enhancements offers customers a more compelling electric vehicle option in the market. The Comet EV is an elite competitor in its sector paying attention to the requirements of drivers that are ecologically concerned and urban commuters equally because of its competitive pricing and enhanced amenities. With India's automotive environment changing, MG is committed to providing creative and sustainable transportation solutions as seen by the Comet EV's launch.