Mercedes Unveils Electric G-Class Ahead of Beijing Motor Show

Mercedes Unveils Electric G-Class Ahead of Beijing Motor Show

Mercedes has unveiled the production model of its highly anticipated electric G-Class SUV, officially named the Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ Technology. This information was discovered before its Beijing premiere. Previous sources state that the vehicle will be introduced in India this year.

Introduction of the First-Ever G-Class EV

Mercedes Unveils Electric G-Class Ahead of Beijing Motor Show - frame
Mercedes-Benz G 580 

Mercedes-Benz introduces the G 580 with EQ Technology as a robust, uncompromised vehicle that surpasses the capabilities of its internal combustion counterparts in off-road settings. Mercedes' electric car portfolio is entering a fresh phase with the "G 580 with EQ Technology" moniker, which highlights that this model still has all the characteristics of a conventional G-Class but is powered by electricity.

Design Innovations and Enhancements

Externally, the G 580 mirrors the design updates seen in the recently revised G 450d but incorporates subtle modifications like an altered grille and discrete EQ branding to distinguish it as an electric model. The SUV's drag coefficient was raised from 0.29 to 0.27 thanks to modifications to the A-pillar and a new front roof spoiler, which also improved aerodynamics.

Technical Upgrades and Performance

The G 580 is equipped with four electric motors, one at each wheel, producing a combined output of 587hp and a staggering 1,165Nm of torque. Each motor is connected to a different 2-speed gearbox creating a sophisticated and customized powertrain made especially to meet the performance needs of the G-Class. With this configuration, a 180 kph peak speed is possible and a 0-100 kph acceleration time of less than 5 seconds is possible. Still, the emphasis is mostly on unparalleled off-road performance.

Mercedes Unveils Electric G-Class Ahead of Beijing Motor Show - photograph
Mercedes-Benz G 580 Rear View

Off-Road Dynamics and Capabilities

Despite its shift to electric, the G 580 maintains its renowned off-road prowess. It has a newly built rigid rear axle that combines the electric drive unit, and an independent front suspension. To achieve an ideal torque distribution this configuration incorporates virtual differential locks. The SUV can handle up to 100 percent gradients and side slopes of 35 degrees, thanks to its shiftable low-range gearbox and an increased fording depth of 850mm—enhanced by the sealed nature of its electric components.

Innovative Driving Aids and Interior Features

Mercedes Unveils Electric G-Class Ahead of Beijing Motor Show - pic
Mercedes-Benz G 580 Interior

Mercedes has incorporated several unique driving aids like the G-Turn, allowing the vehicle to rotate 360 degrees in place, and G-Steering, which reduces the turning circle significantly. An innovative ‘transparent bonnet’ feature improves visibility for navigating obstacles by projecting the front view onto the infotainment screen.

Battery Technology and Sustainability

Equipped with a 116kWh battery shared with the EQS, the G 580 supports fast charging up to 200kW and offers a notable range of 470km. The battery’s integration into the vehicle’s structure enhances both the SUV’s rigidity and off-road durability while an innovative guard doubles as a protective skidplate.


Mercedes-Benz ensured that the G 580 met the high performance and durability standards expected of the G-Class as well as transitioning one of its most iconic vehicles to electric propulsion. The evolution of luxury electric vehicles has evolved significantly with the merging of cutting-edge electric technology with classic G-Class characteristics.