Mercedes Plans EV-Only Smaller G-Class for 2026

Mercedes Plans EV-Only Smaller G-Class for 2026

Mercedes-Benz, renowned for its G-Class SUVs is expanding its lineup to include electric options. Alongside the all-electric EQG variant of the standard G-Class, a smaller version is set to hit roads by 2026. Developed by Mercedes' specialized G division, this compact SUV will also be electric, marking the third model in the expanded G range.

Exclusive EV Design

The upcoming smaller G-Class SUV will exclusively feature electric power, aligning with Mercedes' commitment to electric mobility. It will be developed by the dedicated G division ensuring a focus on cutting-edge electric technology and performance.

Confirmation from Mercedes Executives

Markus Schafer, Mercedes' technical chief, confirmed the SUV's electric powertrain plans at CES in Las Vegas. CEO Ola Kallenius initially announced the model at the Munich motor show, referring to it affectionately as the “little G.” Mercedes' design chief, Gorden Wagener, assured that while the new SUV would inherit design elements from the existing G-Class, it would possess its own distinctive character.

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Mercedes EV Side View

Dedicated Platform for Off-Roading

Unlike Mercedes' Modular Architecture (MMA) used for entry-level cars, the smaller G-Class will sit on a bespoke platform. In order to preserve the G-Class's well-known off-road capabilities this platform will incorporate modules from larger rear-drive vehicles. The full-sized EQG, on the other hand, will utilize a modified version of the ICE G-Class's chassis and feature four electric motors.

Establishing G as a Sub-brand

The introduction of the smaller G-Class is not just about expanding the lineup but also about establishing G as a sub-brand within Mercedes. Mercedes' intention to compete in the tough crossover market and bring the G-Class up to par with renowned sub-brands like AMG and Maybach is evident in this action. Mercedes has many iconic products and brands in its inventory, including the Maybach, AMG, G-Class, S-Class, and SL, all of which Kallenius emphasized.

Market Presence in India

In India, Mercedes currently offers the standard G-Class SUV, catering to luxury SUV enthusiasts. Mercedes wants to make a stronger impression in the Indian market by offering customers more options to suit their tastes starting with the all-electric EQG and the smaller G-Class.