Meet Bajaj Avenger 220 Samsara Bobber - Inspired By Buddha

Meet Bajaj Avenger 220 Samsara Bobber - Inspired By Buddha

Bajaj Auto is one of the biggest bikemakers in the country and offers plenty of popular bikes on the market. However, despite having powerful bikes, there is a major absence of bobber motorcycles. Therefore, to fill this space, a customization shop named VP Designs has brought an interestingly modified Bajaj Avenger 220 into a Bobber. 

Speaking of the design and modification, this customised bike, named "Samsara," is inspired by Buddha. The name "Samsara" stands for the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The bike connects with all things spiritual and has a tremendous impact on everyone who sees it. The beautiful blue-black colour scheme of this customised Avenger 220 is one of its most prominent features.

In terms of finer embellishments, the fuel tank features an elaborate artwork of Buddha. It portrays the sage in a profound state of concentration, emphasising the bike's spiritual leanings. While turquoise blue is the most commonly used colour, various hues of blue are available for a more intense visual experience. The entire bike gets a matte finish instead of a glossy touch, which best suits its overall theme. 

Aside from the fuel tank, blue highlights can be seen on the headlamp, handle grips, side panels, fenders, fender stays, wheels, and footrest. These are done softly, in the appropriate place and proportion. The inner layer of the exhaust tips is similarly blue. Under the customization, a plethora of stock body parts is exchanged with handmade units. These comprise the drag handlebar, handle grips, round headlamp, footrest, gear shifter, seat, dual-tipped exhaust and number plate mount.

Moreover, the single-pod instrumental cluster is placed on the right side. The bike is an impeccable blend of spiritual as well as a sportier design language. Sporty bits include LED headlamps with DRL, crisp LED blinkers, and a dynamic exhaust design. The bike has USD forks in the front, as opposed to the Avenger 220's regular telescopic forks. Other components, such as the engine and brake system, are kept in their original configuration.

Bajaj Avenger 220 Bobber Samsara Photos