Maruti Alto 800 Transformed Into 2-Door Coupe Crossover

Maruti Alto 800 Transformed Into 2-Door Coupe Crossover

When it comes to customised cars, the Maruti Suzuki Alto isn't the first name that comes to mind. For the longest time, the Maruti Alto was regarded as a reasonable first automobile for most Indian families. We always see a plethora of cars with numerous modifications, but today, we have brought an extremely insane instance of an altered vehicle. Here is a Maruti Alto 800, which has been transformed into a two-door coupe crossover. 

A Youtube channel named "Vikas Choudhary vlogs" has posted a video in which the modification process has been elaborated upon. As we see the car, there are a lot of exterior as well as interior modifications that have been made.

To begin with the outer profile, the front facade of the entry-level hatch receives a pair of LED projector headlights housed in a custom-made casing, as well as an LED DRL stripe above it. It has a flat bonnet with a cut-out part and a massive radiator grille, which contributes to its monster-like look.


Turning to the side profile, the most noticeable features are the huge blacked-out wheel arches that protrude from the body. The thick off-roading tyres with broad tracks fill out the wheel arches beautifully. It also has scissor doors that seem like they belong to a high-end sports vehicle.

The automobile has been clothed in a great dual-tone pattern, with blue and black tones adding a sporty touch. The blue-coloured car’s paint scheme has carbon fibre touches that add to its beauty. 

Another intriguing change is the relocation of the fuel filler cap to the rear bumper. A sloping coupe-like roofline, a massive tail-mounted spoiler, and unusual spherical tail lamps are further noticeable aesthetic features. In terms of interior updates, the aftermarket workshop used an all-black interior concept, with contrast red stitching in the leather upholstery. 

Furthermore, there is a big touchscreen infotainment display that takes centre stage on the dashboard, a racing-inspired slim steering wheel, and diamond-cut leather for the roof, seats, and floor mats have all been used. However, no modifications have been made to the mechanical department.