Mahindra XUV.e8 (XUV700 EV) Begins to Take Form

Mahindra XUV.e8 (XUV700 EV) Begins to Take Form

Mahindra's EV Ambitions in 2024

In a market predominantly led by Tata Motors in the electric vehicle segment, Mahindra is strategically planning its entry throughout 2024 and the company aims to gradually establish its presence with models like the updated XUV400, the new XUV300 EV, and the pivotal XUV700 EV. The latter, showcased as the XUV.e8 in its concept stage, is expected to play a pivotal role in Mahindra's electric vehicle strategy.

Unveiling the XUV.e8

Recent spy shots have offered a glimpse of the XUV.e8 in an advanced stage of development shedding light on Mahindra's advancements in the electric SUV domain. Despite still undergoing refinement the uncamouflaged body panels of the XUV.e8 provide valuable insights into its design and features.

Design and Exterior Features

  • Resemblance to XUV700: The body panels exhibit a notable resemblance to the XUV700, particularly in the bonnet and doors, aligning with Mahindra's earlier design patent filing.
  • Distinctive Front Fascia: The XUV.e8 introduces a distinctive front fascia, characterized by a full-width LED light bar seamlessly integrating into the bumper and this design departure is a hallmark of electric vehicles signaling a departure from conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.
  • Sealed-off Grille: Following the EV trend, the XUV.e8 showcases a completely sealed-off grille, contributing to its unique and aerodynamic appearance.
  • Triangular Headlamp Housings: The triangular headlamp housings positioned in the bumper further set the XUV.e8 apart from its traditional counterparts.
  • Remaining Design Elements: While the spy shots focus on the front, expectations are high that the rear design will draw inspiration from the XUV700.

Interior and Technological Advancements

  • Technologically Advanced Cabin: Previous interior spy shots have revealed a technologically advanced cabin featuring three horizontally oriented screens. These include a digital driver's display, a central infotainment screen, and a dedicated screen for the passenger, offering detailed vehicle information.
  • Premium Aesthetics: The cabin exudes a premium feel with a touch-based climate control panel, a flat-bottomed two-spoke steering wheel, and a redesigned dashboard.
  • Balancing Cost and Innovation: Some interior elements, including switchgear, door panels, and seats, are expected to be shared with the regular XUV700, striking a balance between innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Powertrain Details

  • Unique Under the Skin: Despite sharing the body with the XUV700, the XUV.e8 stands out by being built on Mahindra's born-electric INGLO skateboard platform, making it unique under the skin.
  • All-Wheel Drive System: The XUV.e8 is set to feature an all-wheel-drive system, with battery pack options ranging up to 80kWh, catering to varying power needs.
  • Robust Power Outputs: Power outputs are anticipated to range from 230hp to upwards of 350hp, positioning the XUV.e8 to meet the performance demands of the evolving EV market.

Market Entry and Expected Impact

  • Market Debut: The XUV.e8 is scheduled to hit the market by December 2024, signifying Mahindra's substantial entry into the electric SUV segment.
  • Portfolio Expansion: Following the XUV.e8, the introduction of the SUV-coupe version, known as the XUV.e9, is expected to further expand Mahindra's electric vehicle portfolio.

In essence, Mahindra's XUV700 EV, in the guise of the XUV.e8, represents a strategic move aimed at securing a significant share of the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. With its distinctive design, advanced technological features, and robust powertrain the XUV.e8 positions Mahindra as a formidable player in the evolving and competitive landscape of electric vehicles.