Mahindra XUV400 PRO 2024 Interior: New vs Old

Mahindra XUV400 PRO 2024 Interior: New vs Old

The Mahindra XUV400 EV, basically an all-electric version of the XUV300 , has received an update with new PRO variants. While exterior changes are limited to the new shade and shark fin antenna, the new variants feature revised interiors, and new features. In this read, we will explain these interior updates by comparing them to the interiors of the outgoing variants. Mahindra & Mahindra, a stalwart in the Indian automotive industry, is set to introduce the XUV400 PRO in 2024, promising a host of upgrades and advancements over its predecessor. One of the focal points of this anticipated release is the interior, where Mahindra aims to redefine comfort, technology, and aesthetics. In this article, we conduct an in-depth comparative analysis of the Mahindra XUV400 PRO 2024 interior against its predecessor, exploring the design changes, technological enhancements, and the overall driving experience. With this model year update, Mahindra has significantly revamped the interior of the XUV400, which was dated in the outgoing model. For starters, the design is new and gets a larger 10.25-inch floating infotainment system as opposed to the 7-inch unit that’s recessed in the dashboard.

Mahindra XUV400 PRO 2024 Interior: New vs Old - snap
Mahindra XUV400 (New / Old)

1. Design Evolution

Old Model: The current Mahindra XUV400 boasts a modern and stylish interior with a well-laid-out dashboard and quality materials. However, it faces stiff competition in a market that demands continuous innovation.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): The XUV400 PRO promises a design evolution that builds on the success of its predecessor. Spy shots and leaked images suggest a more refined and contemporary design, with a focus on enhanced ergonomics and a premium feel. The center console, instrument cluster, and upholstery are expected to undergo significant changes, setting a new benchmark in the segment.

2. Infotainment and Connectivity

Old Model: The current XUV400 features a touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, navigation, and other essential functions. However, the industry's rapid strides in infotainment technology necessitate continuous improvement to stay ahead.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): Anticipated to feature an upgraded infotainment system, the XUV400 PRO is likely to offer a larger touchscreen with improved responsiveness. Advanced connectivity options, including wireless phone mirroring, and compatibility with the latest smartphone integration technologies, are expected to be integral to the new model's interior experience.

3. Comfort and Seating Arrangement

Old Model: The current XUV400 provides a comfortable cabin with ample space for passengers. The seats are designed for extended journeys, and the rear seat can be folded to expand the cargo space, offering practicality for diverse needs.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): Mahindra's commitment to elevating the driving experience is likely to manifest in the XUV400 PRO's interior. Expectations include enhanced seating comfort, premium upholstery options, and perhaps even configurable seating arrangements to cater to different passenger and cargo configurations.

Mahindra XUV400 PRO 2024 Interior: New vs Old - photo
New Model 

4. Material Quality

Old Model: Mahindra has consistently aimed for quality in its vehicles, and the XUV400 reflects this commitment with a well-crafted interior. The use of premium materials contributes to a refined atmosphere.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): Spy shots and industry whispers suggest that Mahindra will continue to prioritize material quality in the XUV400 PRO. From soft-touch surfaces to upgraded upholstery, the interior is poised to showcase a blend of sophistication and durability.

5. Driver-Assistance Features

Old Model: The current XUV400 offers a decent array of safety features, including airbags, ABS, and parking assistance. However, the fast-paced evolution of driver-assistance technologies necessitates continuous upgrades.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): As industry standards for driver-assistance features evolve, the XUV400 PRO is expected to incorporate the latest advancements. This may include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and more, positioning the new model at the forefront of safety and convenience.

6. Ambient Lighting and Aesthetics

Old Model: While the current XUV400 features ambient lighting to enhance the cabin's ambience, it faces competition from newer models that prioritize customizable ambient lighting options.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): Industry trends suggest a growing emphasis on customizable ambient lighting as a key element of interior aesthetics. The XUV400 PRO might introduce advanced ambient lighting options, allowing drivers to tailor the cabin atmosphere to their preferences.

7. Cabin Noise Insulation

Old Model: Cabin noise insulation in the current XUV400 is decent, providing a comfortable ride. However, advancements in technology and materials can further refine the driving experience.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): Expectations for the XUV400 PRO include improved cabin noise insulation, ensuring a quieter and more serene driving environment. Mahindra might introduce advanced soundproofing measures to elevate the overall driving experience.

8. Customization Options

Old Model: While the current XUV400 offers a range of trims and customization options, newer models in the market provide a more extensive palette for buyers to tailor their vehicles to personal preferences.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): To cater to the diverse tastes of consumers, the XUV400 PRO is expected to introduce a wider range of customization options. This might include different interior color schemes, premium finishes, and personalized touches to make each vehicle unique.

9. Instrument Cluster and Heads-Up Display

Old Model: The current XUV400 features a clear and informative instrument cluster. However, with the increasing popularity of digital displays and heads-up displays, there is room for enhancement.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): The XUV400 PRO is anticipated to showcase a modern and fully digital instrument cluster, providing a wealth of information at the driver's fingertips. The possibility of a heads-up display projecting essential information onto the windshield further enhances the driving experience.

10. Price Range and Value for Money

Old Model: The current XUV400 offers a competitive price range, providing good value for money considering its features and capabilities.

New Model (XUV400 PRO 2024): While pricing details are yet to be officially disclosed, Mahindra is likely to position the XUV400 PRO competitively, offering a balance between advanced features and affordability. The overall value proposition is expected to be a key factor in the new model's appeal.

Prices for the updated XUV400 start from Rs 15.49 lakh (ex-showroom), which is lower than the outgoing model. These are introductory prices, and they will be revised after May 31, 2024. Bookings for the 2024 XUV400 are open, with deliveries set to begin from February 1, 2024. It has a solo rival in the form of the Tata Nexon EV and serves as an affordable alternative to the MG ZS EV.