Mahindra Thar Electric: New Design Based on Leaked Patent

Mahindra Thar Electric: New Design Based on Leaked Patent

In Johannes-burg South Africa, Mahindra held its Futurescape event last year and showcased cutting future propositions. The star of this show definitely has to be the new Thar.e which stood tall, grabbing all the eyeballs. Earlier this year, production spec design patents of the same were filed, which had leaked online. Based on these leaked sketches, Rendering artist Pratyush Rout has digitally created the upcoming 2025 Mahindra Thar Electric. Mahindra & Mahindra has long been synonymous with rugged off-road vehicles, and the Thar is no exception.

Mahindra Thar Electric: New Design Based on Leaked Patent  - left
Mahindra Thar Electric

Key Features

  1. Introduction to the Thar Electric: The Mahindra Thar Electric represents a bold step forward in the company's electrification efforts. Building upon the success of the traditional Thar, the electric variant promises to deliver the same level of off-road prowess with zero emissions. With concerns about environmental sustainability and rising fuel prices, the timing couldn't be better for Mahindra to introduce an electric version of its beloved off-roader.
  2. Leaked Patent: Speculation about the Thar Electric gained traction when a leaked patent surfaced, showcasing a redesigned exterior that retains the rugged charm of the original Thar while incorporating modern electric vehicle elements.
  3. Design Evolution: The transition from combustion engine to electric powertrain necessitates significant design changes to accommodate new components such as batteries and electric motors.
  4. Performance and Range: Industry experts believe that the Thar Electric will provide the amazing torque delivery and the quick acceleration typical of the electric vehicles, and the despite the lack of information on its abilities. Enthusiasts may be certain that Mahindra's track record in off-road engineering will maintain the Thar Electric's reputation for hard performance.
  5. Charging Infrastructure: The absence of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is one of the main barriers to their growing popularity in India. Mahindra is collaborating deeply with both public and commercial entities to create a strong national charging network, recognizing this challenge.
  6. Environmental Impact: The Thar Electric is a symbol of Mahindra's devotion to sustainability and environmental management, not merely a technological advancement. The Thar Electric has the ability to be significantly to reduce the carbon emissions and fight urban air pollution by doing away with the tailpipe emissions and reducing dependence on the fossil fuels.
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Mahindra Thar Electric


Mahindra has faced a few hurdles in the past, due to the design similarities between Thar and Jeep Wrangler. Changing the design of Thar is probably part of the plan. This major shift in design language will play a pivotal role in increasing Mahindra’s global presence by exporting Thar (ICE and EV) with this new design language. Just like the magic spell Thar has cast on Indian buyers, it is likely to have a similar effect in global markets. Our 2025 Mahindra Thar Electric render looks export-ready and packs the company’s new INGLO born-electric platform. Battery pack could be in the range of 60-80 kWh with dual motor setup enabling AWD. Launch is expected sometime in 2025 or later. Prices could be in the range of Rs 25 to 30 lakhs. As Mahindra prepares to unveil its latest innovation to the world, anticipation is building among enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike.