Mahindra Scorpio-N Now Has A 10-Month Waiting Period in India

Mahindra Scorpio-N Now Has A 10-Month Waiting Period in India

Mahindra is all set to commence the deliveries of its new model, Scorpio N, in the market soon. However, the waiting period for the delivery has been updated to 10 months so far. Right now, the delivery of the top-spec Z8L is given priority on an urgent basis.

Actually, Mahindra & Mahindra brought forward the much-awaited Scorpio N in the market here in the domestic region by the end of June 2022. Further, the bookings of this model have started from the date of 30th June 2022, with early token money of Rs. 21,000.

The first slot of around 25,000 units was already sold in just a span of 5 minutes. However, the reservations crossed 1 lakh amount in just 30 minutes. It all went up to make a business of about 18,000 crores as per the brand’s details given to the audience.

Moreover, the customers who have booked their Scorpio N could now track the vehicle status too. But, now the delivery dates are made public. The company also revealed the time of providing the vehicle to valuable customers. In this series, the lower variants are coming up with a waiting period of about 10, 8 and 6 months respectively. These variants include models which are named Z2, Z4 and Z6.

In the present row of making deliveries on time, the brand at the moment is prioritising the delivery of the top-spec Z8L. In fact, the delivery of this model was already informed-in earlier.

The current Scorpio N is also considered to be a new stepping stone and it is based on a new ladder frame chassis. It is coming up with many advancements in comparison to the old variant. It is also on the sale board with cosmetic updates. It is even associated with other tweaks for being called the Scorpio Classic model.