Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Green Yamaha RD 350 Looks Amazing!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Green Yamaha RD 350 Looks Amazing!

Cricketer MS Dhoni is well-known for his love for cars and motorcycle collections. From classic vintage cars to expensive motorcycles, he even has the oldest monikers that have become icons for today. And one such instance is Yamaha’s RD350 bike. Dhoni has most recently received the restored RD350. The bike was presented to him by Syed Jadeer, the person who took more than one and a half years to restore this bike.

The video and pictures available were uploaded on Facebook and Instagram by Syed Jadeer himself, and in an interview, he also made things clear that only the Competition Green RD350 model was gifted to MS Dhoni, and the other yellow-painted gold bike was just brought to showcase their artistry to the former Indian cricket team captain. It is also a pleasure for them that the yellow bike now features Dhoni’s autograph on its fuel tank and has become a priceless addition to their collection.

As cited by Syed Jadeer, the motorcycle we see in the pictures is the US-spec RD350 and was completely overhauled from the engine to the paint scheme. All the parts used on this motorcycle were sourced locally.

Yamaha launched the RD350 in India back in 1983, and at that time it was offered only as a performance bike with a 350cc, parallel-twin, two-stroke unit engine. The motorcycle was available in two variants: LT and HT. LT stood for lower torque, and it was capable of max power of 27 bhp, while HT stood for high torque, and it produced 31 bhp of max power.

Yamaha RD350 was the quickest and fastest bike, which had a top speed of 160 kmph in sixth gear. Because of its fast-moving and racing qualities, it was named “Racing Death” in our country. Yamaha didn’t offer the RD350 with disc brakes; hence, many people used to opt for aftermarket disc brakes on their RD motorcycles.

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Will Yamaha RD350 ever relaunch in India?
2022-12-29 06:10:19 AM
Yamaha RD350 is undoubtedly the best bike of its time. It would never make an entry into the Indian market again as two-stroke bikes are not legal anymore. They cannot be sold through showrooms but it is possible to buy the same from an owner who has kept it with himself from last few decades. The motorcycle comes in two different configurations for the same 347 cc engine. The India spec produces 30.5 BHP and 32.3 Nm of torque. The Japan spec was good for 39 BHP and 37.2 Nm of torque. The first one came with a 180 mm front drum brake while the second had 267 mm disc brake. Know more about RD350 here - https://autos.maxabout.com/bikes/yamaha/rd/rd350
What is so special about Yamaha RD350?
2022-12-29 05:50:39 AM
The Yamaha RD350 was one of its type motorcycle of its time. It came with 346 cc, 2-stroke, twin-cylinder engine that also has torque induction with twin carburetor. The bike came with 6-speed transmission and produced 39 BHP @ 7500 rpm and 37.2 NM @ 7000 rpm. It also has a lesser powered version for India with 30.5 BHP and 32.3 NM of torque. The bike was more like a land rocket as it reached 0-100 kmph in 7 seconds and came with a top speed of 170 kmph. It had a disc brake in the international version whereas the Indian version was without a disc brake. It came with a 16 liter fuel tank and a 800 mm seat height.

All You Need to Know about the Legendary Yamaha RD350

What is the price of Yamaha RD350 in Tamil Nadu?
2022-12-29 05:48:57 AM
The Yamaha RD350 has been discontinued a long time ago and is not available for sale at any of the Yamaha authorized outlet. You can get a RD350 from the used vehicle market with a very high price tag. People has mostly restored their decades old Yamaha's and they look as if have been manufactured few years ago. The powerful 350 cc offering from Yamaha comes in two versions, a high powered international version, which was launched in Japan and a low powered version, which was quiet very powerful at its time of launch in India. The bike produced 30.5 BHP and came without a disc brake in India whereas the international version has 39 BHP and a disc brake.

All You Need to Know about the Legendary Yamaha RD350

Is the price of Yamaha RD350 really INR 30,000 or it is INR 3 lakhs?
2022-12-29 05:47:41 AM
The price of Yamaha RD350 was really INR 30,000 at that time, which was quiet high for that time. The bike on the website has the image of the Japanese version of RD350 whereas the Indian version was identical to it, except the disc brake being provided into it. The bike in India produced around 30.5 BHP and 32.3 NM of torque. It was the best performer of its time and was so fast that people were scared to ride it on high speeds. Riding a bike with no disc brake on Indian roads of that time could have been really a difficult task. The bike has a lot of chrome for its parts and is still remembered for its out of the world performance. The bike you are getting confused with is the SR400, which costs more than INR 3 lac and is not available currently in India.