KTM Sales October 2023 Breakup – Duke, RC, ADV, 125, 200, 250, 390

KTM Sales October 2023 Breakup – Duke, RC, ADV, 125, 200, 250, 390

The well-known Austrian motorbike company KTM is enjoying strong sales results in both home and international markets. Within the bike sector, the brand has proven its determination with significant expansion in both YoY and MoM. The month saw a spike in results despite a YoY decline in domestic sales, mainly due to the success of the KTM 200cc range in India. The KTM 390 line led the way globally, demonstrating the brand's strong worldwide presence and wide range of consumer preferences.

An Explore More Into KTM India's October 2023 Sales Report

KTM, a well-known rival in the Indian motorcycle market, recently demonstrated the KTM 990 Duke, a new model, at the 2023 EICMA Show, showing the brand's dedication to innovation. The Duke Series (125, 200, 250, and 390), RC Series (125, 200, and 390), and Adventure Series (Adventure 250 and 390) are now available in India and are all produced at the Bajaj Auto Plant.

As of October 2023, KTM has reported 7,241 units sold locally. This represents a notable 54.39 percent month-over-month (MoM) increase from the 4,690 units recorded in September 2023, but a 13.10 percent compared to the previous (YoY) fall from the 8,333 units sold in October 2022. When the figures were crushed, the KTM 200 series (Duke and RC) came out on top, accounting for over 46% of the company's sales lineup. The KTM  Duke 200 series saw a 15.25 percent YoY decline in sales to 3,391 units, but a notable MoM increase from 3,112 units in September 2023. It's important to note that the KTM 390 model stood out with positive YoY growth despite a general YoY decline in domestic sales. The brand's changes and opposition to market changes are highlighted by the data. Keep checking back for additional details about KTM's sales trends and the changing Indian motorcycle industry.


1. Overview of Domestic Sales

  • With 3,391 units sold domestically, the KTM 200 series leads the pack and accounts for almost 46% of total sales.
  • The KTM 250 series has a 5.99% YoY decline but a remarkable 693.82% MoM gain.
  • The KTM 390 series saw a strong 25.76% YoY growth and a remarkable 40.86% MoM increase in sales, totaling 1,572 units.

2. Success with Exports

  • Positive growth is observed in global markets, with 5,000 units exported in October 2023—a YoY rise of 88.32%.
  • With 2,795 units, the KTM 390 series leads exports and has grown at a remarkable pace of 113.69% YoY and 142.83% MoM.

3. Impressive Results for KTM 250 Exports

  • KTM 250 exports rise to 983 units, up an amazing 24475% MoM from 4 units in September 2023, and an incredible 333.04% YoY.

4. Attention on KTM 390 worldwide

  • With 2,795 units sold and a 55.90% market share, the KTM 390 is a popular model around the world. Its growth is 113.69% YoY and 142.83% MoM.

5. Growth in Total Sales

  • When domestic and foreign sales are combined, cumulative sales show a strong 11.40% YoY growth, reaching 12,241 units in October 2023.
  • MoM sales increased by an amazing 79.51%, indicating the brand's robust overall performance with a growth of 5,422 units.

According to the most current sales report, the KTM 390 series performed extremely well, with an astounding 70.72% YoY growth to reach 4,367 units in October 2023 from 2,558 units in the same time the previous year. This positive pattern continued, reaching an important month-over-month (MoM) growth of 92.63% and surpassing the 2,267 units sold in September 2023. On the other hand, the KTM 200 series saw a 3.55% MoM decline and a 21.77% YoY decline, totaling 3,941 units. With a 25.89% YoY gain and an astounding 1055.51% MoM rise, the KTM 250 series saw strong sales, striking 3,039 units. 894 units of the KTM 125 range were sold, which is an 8.59% YoY decline but a remarkable 340.39% MoM improvement from 203 units in September 2023. The different sales dynamics are seen in these figures. Within KTM's lineup, showcasing both growth and adjustments in consumer preferences.

Popular models such as the KTM RC 200 and KTM Duke 200 are part of the KTM 200 range, which is the company's best-selling bike portfolio. But in October 2022, sales numbers year over year (YoY) decreased by about 15%, equal to 4,002 units. Month-over-month (MoM) sales showed just a slight improvement, with 32 fewer units sold than the previous month, despite this YoY fall. The KTM 250 series, with 2,187 units, the KTM 390, with 1,250 units, and the KTM 125, with 894 units, are included in the overall sales table for October 2022. These three models combined for 8,333 units and show a 16.9% YoY gain. These numbers provide light on the dynamics of the market performance and KTM's wide range of models.