Kinetic Luna Electric: Rs 75,000, 110 km Range, Full Specs

Kinetic Luna Electric: Rs 75,000, 110 km Range, Full Specs

First produced in 1972, the Kinetic Luna is now set to make a comeback in an electric avatar. Kinetic Green has announced this new electric Luna which will officially launch in India in February 2024. Ahead of that, specs and prices have been listed online. It is priced from Rs 75,000 ex-sh. Depending on available bank offers, you might be able to avail it for as low as Rs 66,000.
Priced at an astonishing Rs 75,000, this electric avatar of the classic Luna promises not only an affordable commute but also an impressive range of 110 km on a single charge. 2024 Kinetic Luna Electric boasts several features that set it apart in the electric two-wheeler segment.

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Kinetic Green E-Luna Expected Demand

Speaking about the Kinetic Green E-Luna launch, Kinetic Founder and CEO Sulajja Firodia Motwani said “We have deployed about 1,500 vehicles for last-mile delivery in a pilot stage and we think we will get very good response from this segment as well. We are also going to sign an MoU for a very large quantity very soon.” The company expects demand for around 50,000-70,000 E-Lunas from the B2C segment and another 20,000-30,000 units from the last mile delivery segment.

Key Points

  1. Design and Heritage: The Kinetic Luna has been an integral part of India's commuting landscape for decades, known for its simple yet effective design. A walkaround of the Luna Electric reveals a familiar silhouette, with an added touch of modernity.
  2. Performance Features: The remarkable 110 km range of the Kinetic Luna Electric on a single charge is one of its most notable qualities. This series satisfies the needs of the urban commuters seeking an efficient and some affordable mode of transportation while it is revolutionizing to the electric two-wheeler market.
  3. Battery Technology: At the heart of the Kinetic Luna  is its battery technology, a key determinant of the scooter's performance and range. The full specifications should be provide to the insights into the type of the battery used, its capacity, and the charging capabilities.
  4. Charging Infrastructure: The success of electric vehicles, including scooters, is closely linked to the availability and accessibility of charging infrastructure. Information about the charging time required for a full charge and compatibility with different charging standards will be vital for prospective Luna Electric owners.

Connectivity and Smart Features

Modern electric scooters often come equipped with connectivity features that enhance the overall user experience. The Luna Electric may incorporate a smart instrument cluster providing information about battery status, range, and other essential metrics. Smartphone connectivity for features like navigation and call alerts could be part of the scooter's tech package.

Riding Modes and Regenerative Braking

The inclusion of multiple riding modes, such as eco and sport, is becoming a common feature in electric two-wheelers. These modes allow all the riders to be customize the scooter's performance based on their preferences and the riding conditions. Regenerative braking, and the technology that converts the kinetic energy into the stored electric energy during braking,this is another aspect worth exploring for its impact on overall efficiency and range.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

For potential buyers, the warranty and after-sales service are critical considerations. The article should provide information about the warranty offered on the Luna Electric, covering the scooter's key components, including the battery. Details about the after-sales service network and the availability of spare parts will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the ownership experience.

Market Impact and Future Prospects

As the Kinetic Luna Electric enters the market with an attractive price tag and impressive range, its potential impact on the electric scooter market cannot be overlooked. The article should analyze how the Luna Electric stacks up against competitors in terms of pricing, features, and overall value proposition. Additionally, exploring Kinetic's future plans for electric mobility and potential collaborations in the evolving electric ecosystem will provide insights into the brand's long-term vision.

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The Kinetic Luna Electric, with its affordable pricing, commendable range, and the legacy of the iconic Luna, has the potential to reshape the narrative of electric scooters in India. This detailed exploration of the scooter's design, performance features, battery technology, and market impact aims to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the Kinetic Luna Electric. As electric mobility gains momentum, the Luna Electric stands as a testament to Kinetic's commitment to providing practical and accessible solutions for the evolving needs of Indian commuters. Keep an eye on this space for further updates and real-world reviews as the Kinetic Luna Electric hits the streets.

Sales will be effected across the company’s 300 dealers across the country while plans are afoot to extend dealership count to 1,500 over the next 3 years. With the prospect of electric vehicles seeming particularly bright, the company also plans investment of Rs 100 crores over the coming 2 years. Kinetic Green has also commissioned a new production line for the E-Luna which will have a capacity to assemble 5 lakh units per annum.