Kia Sales Breakdown November 2023 – Seltos, Sonet, Carens, EV6

Kia Sales Breakdown November 2023 – Seltos, Sonet, Carens, EV6

In November 2023, Kia India, a significant player in the country's automotive market, presented a diverse performance scenario across its popular car models, showcasing both positive and challenging outcomes compared to the same period last year.

Seltos Leads Positive Growth

?The Seltos, a flagship SUV for Kia, stood out as a star performer in November 2023. With a total of 11,684 units sold, it demonstrated a substantial increase of 25.85% from the previous year's 9,284 units. This surge in sales is attributed to sustained consumer demand, positive market reception, and potentially effective strategic marketing efforts.

Sonet and Carens Face Sales Decline

?In contrast, the Sonet and Carens models experienced a decline in sales during the same period. The Sonet witnessed a decrease of 17.88%, selling 6,433 units in November 2023 compared to 7,834 units in November 2022. The decline in Sonet's sales is associated with the anticipation of the upcoming facelift, set to debut shortly before the launch next month. Similarly, the Carens reported a sales figure of 4,620 units, representing a notable decline of 27.36% from 6,360 units in November 2022.

Challenges in the EV Segment

?Kia’s electric vehicle (EV) segment, led by the EV6, faced considerable challenges. The EV6 saw a notable 80.47% fall in sales, with only 25 units sold in November 2023 compared to 128 units in the same month the previous year. Additionally, the Carnival model has been discontinued.

Month-on-Month Performance

Seltos sold 11,684 units in November 2023, representing a 5.48% reduction from the 12,362 units sold in October 2023. Despite this dip, the Seltos continued to dominate Kia’s sales portfolio, comprising over 50% of the total sales share. Both the Sonet and the Carens saw slight sales declines as compared to October 2023. The Sonet saw a 0.92% dip in sales in November, selling 6,433 units versus 6,493 units in October. Similarly, the Carens faced a 13.73% decline, with sales dropping from 5,355 units in October to 4,620 units in November. EV6 sales stood at 25 units in Nov 2023, marking a stark decrease of 82.27% from the 141 units sold in October 2023. Kia India reported selling 22,762 units overall in November 2023, a 6.53% drop from the 24,351 units sold in October 2023.