Kia Carens MPV Owners Facing Multiple Problems in India

Kia Carens MPV Owners Facing Multiple Problems in India

Kia India launched its all-new MPV Carens in the country just at the start of the year and the customers have started facing issues already. Even the dealerships are unable to understand the issues that are occurring with the Kia Carens. Many owners have begun displaying their anger on social media platforms to get heard by the brand. 

Speaking of the problems, the main concern is the car's constant condensation. Customers claim that the interiors, including the dashboard, begin to leak water within minutes of turning on the air conditioner. Let’s make you understand the whole scenario and its sobriety. The dashboard of the car comprises sophisticated electronics for the instrument cluster, infotainment and more, and the entrance of water into the area can lead to short circuits and lethal fire.

The Kia Carens owners have been reporting condensation difficulties online since April. Initially, it appeared that the condensation happened solely on the roof near the right third row AC vent. However, owners are now reporting it throughout the interiors.

Kia’s authorised service centres apparently installed more foam liners on the wall, but to no effect. Customers were advised by service professionals that the problem had been reported to Kia headquarters and that they were now awaiting a solution.

Recently, a Youtube video related to the issues was also posted. However, they removed it now. But one more Carens MPV owner was spotted in Gurugram, whose car’s rear end had a banner with "Say No To Kia" mentioned on it as well as, “People who want to buy Kia cars should be on alert. I bought the Kia garbage for Rs. 19 lakh.”

Another Kia Carens owner, Pramod Kumar, posted a photo of his MPV being hauled at night owing to a clutch problem. He stated that the problem occurred within one month of purchasing. Hence, it is too soon for a brand new car to have such an incident. Hence, Kia should take some stringent actions if it wants to maintain its reputation in the Indian car market.